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posted : October 4, 2010 Post subject: what should i do now?
Hiya! i need some advice. Having done the discover scuba in egypt i fell in love with diving! as soon as i arrived in england i signed straight upto the PADI open water course which was fab. As is typical me i then went bonkers and bought bcd, regs fins etc..., then proceeded to complete my advanced course, dry suit and then my resuce course. i have no interest in making this a career so im at the level i want to be now-give or take a few specialities. My dilemma is this. I do not yet have a dry suit which is required to enjoy uk diving, but i am also booked onto the deep and nitrox course this weekend. Do i need these two specialities right now to enjoy diving in uk? or am i best to invest in a dry suit. I will do both ultimately, but finanaces only really allow me to do one now. Will i hold back a buddy (dont actually have one yet either!) if i cant go deep or use nitrox? am i best to do these and continue to hire a dry suit for the moment? help!

posted : October 11, 2010 Post subject: what should i do now?
Hi, Definately buy a drysuit - Join your local BSAC club you'll find plenty of buddies there. Iinstruction is usually free with BSAC clubs so you can probably afford the drysuit and the training.

posted : October 12, 2010 Post subject: what should i do now?
Thank you for your response Lin, out of the 40 people who read my question there has only been one response....i appreciate your thoughts.dawn

posted : October 13, 2010 Post subject: what should i do now?
I guess you may already have decided what to do but I offer my humble advice anyway. As someone who has gone down the PADI road and moved on to BSAC for further training and experience, I would agree with Lin. PADI is great for getting you in the water and training you fast as well as emptying your pocket when the chance arises. There is no rush to pay out more for expensive courses, you can do them all with BSAC in a club environment to at least the same standards all PADI courses at a fraction of the cost and meet people to buddy with at the same time. I wont knock PADI they have served me well but it is costly.
So go and buy the drysuit, visit the BSAC website and join your local club for a fee of around 135 annual BSAC/club membership,get your monthly mag with it and pay only around 35-60 for your dive packs to complete your course. All training is given by volunteers at the club and the hope is you give back at some point. |I am sure you will, so ENJOY.

posted : October 21, 2010 Post subject: what should i do now?
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posted : July 20, 2011 Post subject: what should i do now?
I dive UK all year round in a semi dry and a shorty on top. You dont HAVE to have a dry suit to enjoy UK diving. For deep diving remember that you only go deep if there is a reason too, not because you can. NITROX doesnt necessarily mean you can go deeper, there are depth limits to take into account for NITROX, you just have to know what you are doing and what the limitations are.

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