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posted : September 6, 2010 Post subject: My first dive computer...
Hi All,

I am looking for some advice on buying my first dive computer.

I am advanced OW qualified and will be looking to take my enriched air certification next month. So the computer needs to be enriched air capable. I have narrowed my searches down to the following watches:
1. Mares Puck - 149
2. Suunto Zoop - 169
3. Mares Nemo Wide - 199

From searching the forums reports on all three watches seem to be really good.

I have done a fair bit of searching and the request I have made has cropped up a few times before. So I know that for my budget one of these watches is the one for me. However I would like to find out whether I am getting anything extra by buying the nemo wide for the extra 50? Is it worth paying a little bit extra over and above the Puck to get away from one button? Do any of the three offer anything extra that I will be able to 'grow' into as a diver as I gain experience?

Any help would be greatfuly appreciated!!

p.s. I am mainly a fair weather diver and stick to diving abroad but will be looking to dive in the UK in the near future. Not sure if this makes any difference but thought I would chuck it in just in case!.

Thanks again

posted : September 6, 2010 Post subject: My first dive computer...
I won't pretend to know too much about dive computers, but for what it's worth I have the Suunto Vyper that is practically the same as the zoop as far as I can tell (Vyper has a few more features), and I think the Vyper is a great computer that is durable and reliable. Suunto seem to have a first class reputation for quality and reliability. So for me it would have to be the Zoop. Or you could pick up a second hand Vyper from eBay for about 180.00.


posted : September 7, 2010 Post subject: My first dive computer...
great deal from simply scuba get a extra 10% off when you buy scuba gear. to recieve this great discount just use voucher DBUD1 when you checkout this is valid until 31/12/10.
Simply enter the voucher code in at the checkout stage to receive the discount.

The suunto Zoop looks the best for all round diving and travelling.
Remember you want one that:
Simple to use
Easy to maintain
Not to big and bulky.

To be honest If I was looking nowadays I would try and find one (at a dive shop/buddy's) that I can have a look and play with first.

posted : September 7, 2010 Post subject: My first dive computer...
Without putting a spanner in the works I have recently looked at computers in detail and I would like to give you 2 alternates that are within your price range. Uwatec Tec 2 around the 210 mark and the Subgear XP10 which is basicly the same.The reason I looked into computers is I was asked by my club members to source and recomend a device. Also if you are looking to dive in the UK you can have a look at to see if we have got any trips you might be interested in.

justin norfolk
posted : July 1, 2011 Post subject: My first dive computer...
Suunto Vyper. Mixed gas.. Nitrox and air. batteries last ages and you can change them yourself... so no holiday dramas. Give conservative |Deco stops etc.. more so than Aladin. Aladin is nice big face to read. Suunto is easy to operate and read in low light. Comes with PC interface and softawre and should cost 198 new now or about 70-80 used on EBay. I use one and a
m PADI OWSi and TDI & ANDI Instriuctor

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