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posted : July 19, 2010 Post subject: Downward Current
This weekend while having a relative easy dive at the Farns myself and my buddy experienced a Hugh downward current while deploying the SMB it pulled us 18 meters down to 28 in the blink of a eye, it then spun us round and round up and down. When we managed to get to 9 meters it again pulled us back down to 27 by now our dive plan was well out of the window and we where in deco…having to decide to come up on 90 bar this was leaving my air supply very low after fighting what seamed at the time a life or death situation for 10 minutes against it…thank god for a pony. We managed to get out of it after a fight and ended up what seamed a mile away from our boat luckily a rib was near buy and picked us up.

It just goes to show that some of us can treat the farns as a easy dive and become complacent of diving there…well don’t they are very strong currents out there, it’s also good to remember that some day carrying a pony could save your life.

posted : July 29, 2010 Post subject: Downward Current
There is an area of the Farnes that is well known to Amble lifeboat, which is probably where you were. They know where to pick divers up who are lost in that area & it is about 1/2mile from the entry point. It sounds as though you have been very lucky. The currents & reefs are the reason there are so many shipwrecks on these islands.

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