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posted : January 19, 2005 Post subject: Swimming with Dolphins
i am not a diver, but i would like some advise if possible. My girlfriend would like to swim with dolphins, either tame or wild, i cannot afford a trip to florida, so i was wondering, does anyone know of anywhere in the UK she could do this. Please help, and stop the earache.

posted : January 30, 2005 Post subject: Swimming with Dolphins
In the UK this is VERY difficult!
Thankfully there are no captive dolphins in the UK that I know of now, the last being in Brighton and (?) N.Yorks and these were released after rehabilitation off Turks & Caicos, Caribean.

I've swam with bottle-nose dolphins in the Moray Firth, Scotland, but it's very difficult to get near to where they are regularly seen and a long way to go! (Without experience I would not advise a trip to this area if the aim is to swim with dolphins).

Off the Farne Islands (Northumberland) there have been some recent sightings, but again the probability of your partner actually getting to swim with them there is very slight.

The nearest place with a higher rate of success is probably the Red sea. (package deal to Taba, Egypt and either travel south to Nuweiba where a wild but tame dolphin can be found near to shore) or with the enclosed dolphins off Eilat, Israel . (A 10 min walk from Taba!).

I realise money may be an issue but I think Egypt for a hol would be the most reliable option.

Alternatively if she can snorkel then she may like to try to snorkel with seals off the Farne Islands. If she is then drop me an e-mail and I'll see what I can do.

Good luck,

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