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posted : May 5, 2010 Post subject: Diving in the UK
I've been wanting to do my open water for a few years now. I was going to start it recently, but after reading many articles about how dark UK waters are I'm unsure as to whether to go ahead with it. I'm still really interested and I'll never get abroad to do it elsewhere so should I just go for it?

ash Royston
posted : May 5, 2010 Post subject: Diving in the UK
I would.
As for the dark, it can be deeper down but if you stay above 15- 20m in most places the sun still gets through. Most of the inland sites have plenty of attractions in the shallower bits and theres enough sea dives within this range.
Best thing to do is find out about the diving near you or what type of things you want to see (Light wrecks can be tricky but if you like photography should be loads).

posted : May 9, 2010 Post subject: Diving in the UK
Do it i've just passed my open water and found it to be some much fun i've booked my Aow so i can take my diving to a new level :)

posted : May 13, 2010 Post subject: Diving in the UK
What part of UK do you live in ?
We have a very nice pool inside our shop, we are based in Aylesbury.
We have a club night every Thursday @ the Honey Bee pub
Have a look at our website Scubaducks.
We are the most friendliest club around, pop along for a friendly chat
Paul Quinn O.W.S.I

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