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ian - 100 goals
posted : April 22, 2010 Post subject: Driving a car into water - stunt assistance needed!
Hi there everyone. I am looking for a group of divers to help me with an exciting challenge - I want to drive a car off a jetty into water, and then escape from it when it has sunk!! Please allow me to explain....

My name is Ian Usher, and I am originally from the north-east of England. In 2008 I received quite alot of international publicity when I put my life in Perth, Western Australia, up for sale on eBay. I appeared on TV shows in Australia, England and America, and on radio shows and in newspapers all over the world. See the link below for more info:

Since then I have moved onto a new project, which is to achieve 100 of my lifetime list of goals in 100 weeks. I am currently 87 weeks into my 100 week journey, and to date I have achieved 82 goals of my 100 targeted goals. My journey so far has taken me right around the world twice, and over the last year and a half I have experienced some incredible things. Again I have appeared on TV, on radio shows and in newspapers and magazines all over the world. See here for press coverage on my 100 goals journey:

I am currently under contract to Walt Disney Pictures, who may make a movie about my adventures, and Goal Number 100 is to secure a book deal about the whole journey.

Okay, so one of the goals is to drive a car off a jetty into water, let it sink to the bottom, allow it to fill with water, then escape, just like in the movies. That would be pretty exciting.

And this is where I need help. Here is what I reckon I need:-

1). A suitable site. Maybe a quarry pit dive site, or something like that. When I dived with Preston Sub-Aqua Club in the 80s there was a quarry where stolen vehicles were regularly dumped in the water. They made great dive sites. I can't remember the name of the quarry though.
Any suggestions for a possible location?

2). A car - this is the easy part, I imagine. Any old wrecker will do, as long as it has manual, as opposed to electric, windows, and can drive well enough to get into the water!

3). Divers! This is where I hope you come in. If I can find a suitable site, then I would like to invite the local dive club to be a part of the adventure. Obviously I would like some safety cover - maybe an air tank in the car just in case, and divers on hand with a hammer and knife just in case needed to get out of the car.
Also I would like to get photos and hopefully video of the event too. There is a TV producer in the States interested in possibly putting together some sort of documentary about the whole adventure.

Potential dates:-
I am currently in Kathmandu, and have just finished the trek to Everest Base camp. Next I pass briefly through India to see the Taj Mahal, and then fly to the UK, arriving 28th April. I reckon the best day to try this might be May Day Bank Holiday Monday, 3rd May. Or possibly any evening that following week?

Anyone out there interested in a bit of an adventure?

You can contact me via email through the Contact page of my website:

Many thanks,

Ian Usher

posted : April 23, 2010 Post subject: Driving a car into water - stunt assistance needed!
Hey Ian, a mate of mine, a taxi driver from Peterhead, did that in 1981, drove his taxi off the end of Peterhead harbour because he'd had a row with his girlfriend. He just wound the window down after it had sunk and swam out and to the surface. The police didn't prosecute him for anything, said he was nuts, hope your not nuts. lol
A Diver

ian - 100 goals
posted : April 23, 2010 Post subject: Driving a car into water - stunt assistance needed!
Hi brocobob,
That might juswt be the way to do it - everyone else seems to get all tangled up in HSE ans such stuff.
Never imagined it would be as hard as this to organise.
PS - I don't think I'm nuts

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