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posted : March 18, 2010 Post subject: Royal navy diver medical
Hi, I'm soon to go on to northwhich to undertake my royal navy diver medical, I have passed my standard medicals etc but was wondering what happens during the diving one if anyone has taken a royal navy dive medical it would be good to get your feedback. Once the medical is taken and you pass what is the next step on entry as a navy diver? Cheers

posted : March 30, 2010 Post subject: Royal navy diver medical
A excellent book to read is DIVE by Tony Groom I recommend it if your going to be a NAVY DIVER!!!!

posted : April 6, 2010 Post subject: Royal navy diver medical
Hi, are you going for pulmonary function testing? I have just passed mine for royal navy diver and sub fleet.

posted : April 23, 2010 Post subject: Royal navy diver medical
Hi DivingDowney,

I am a serving Naval Officer and although I'm an Air Engineer by trade, I used to dive BSAC with a RN club, for which you have to do the standard divers' medical.

The medical involves everything that you would expect it to - physical exam, pee in a pot, blood tests, plus a chest x-ray and a pulmonary function test. This involved blowing into a machine as fast, hard and for as long as you can to show how quickly you can empty your lungs. You then do stepping on and off a box for a few mins then do the blow test again.

They'll also do the usual blood pressure, pulse, listen to chest, blah, but nothing to worry about.

I trust that you've been warned about the aptitude tests? depending on your fitness you'll need to beef up on tricep dips, pull ups, press ups, sit ups etc, plus be able to do a 1.5 mile squad run, then a 1.5 mile timed run in less than 10 mins (although this may have changed).

Finally, be VERY careful that you are joining as a Diver. They may con you into joining as a Warfare AB and then telling you that you can transfer... sneaky buggers that lot!

Good luck to you in your career - see you around the bazaars!

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