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posted : December 29, 2004 Post subject: padi or bsac
I got a PADI Discovering Scuba day for Chriggy and will be doing it in January sometime. Question is. If I like the scuba day, should I continue and do a PADI Openwater course at Nearby Stoney Cove or join my local BSAC and do it `the long way`

I aim to dive exclusively at Stoney Cove for the first year or so as it`s only a couple of miles from me and fancy wreck diving (I know its not EXACTLY wreck diving but good enough to learn the skills required I guess)
I don`t envisage myself going abroad diving for a good few years as I have a young family and always holiday in England.

any advice welcome


posted : January 11, 2005 Post subject: padi or bsac
I'm real new to diving having only passed my PADI open water in Nov 04. Planning to do my Advanced in March 05. From my experience I'm getting the feeling that if you want to learn to dive 'properly' and you've the time BSAC's the best option. To be fair PADI gets you in the water and is a recognised qual. but to be honest even though I've passed I don't feel like I know enough !! Most of what I know I've learn't from a friend who's been diving for a very long time and is extremely experienced. Without his help and advice I'd have been very lost ! Obvioulsy still being a beginner myself I don't know much at all, but what I have learnt is that the opportunity to dive with experienced divers who can pass on their knowledge to the novice is 'priceless'. - my advice.......... join a good club and learn from the experienced ones ! That's what I'm hoping to do this year to build on my qualificiations. Good luck ! - Let us know how you get on !

posted : January 11, 2005 Post subject: padi or bsac
the best advice is to go to a place/organisation that YOU feel comfortable with - the most important.

I am a padi ai , i am not saying that padi is better or getting in to those old discussions. but try more than one place out. A good dive school should be their to offer you support and advice. which is fair. they offer pool sessions so you can practice and that all the people are approachable. diving is a wonderful experience, even more so if you are able to share, encourage and offer advice and as a buddy to others whether they are only just starting out or an 'ol sea dog. Each teaching organisation has there pros and cons some offer a long training programme and others shorter. but remember it all teaches the SAME stuff! yes different organisations teach and deliver slightly different. So find out which you prefer.
in my opinion the instructor and his or her assistants are how and who you will be picking up the information. information is only as good as it is interpreted and delivered. so don't just decide on the method but the whole package.

Padi offers the dive today programme. so yes you are diving from day one.
lets say you qualified in warm water, then yes as a matter of course you following dives in that area will more often thatn not be in a group that has a leader and depending on the size and ability more.

I hope this helps

Ps Stoney cove is a great place to dive! all round good fun

oh too..............
posted : February 28, 2005 Post subject: padi or bsac
Scotty, Hope you enjoyed the scuba day, as far as the PADI, BSAC decision goes, go with the one you feel comfy with, please dont get into the them and us politics of old. I learned with PADI 8 years ago and its done me no harm, just dont do anything you are not qualified to do, and certainly dont do anything your unsure about. One word of advice, please do all your training and get confident with your scuba gear, but please dont limit yourself to Stoney, its a great dive center and handy as it may be for you, we are privelaged to have some of the best wrecks in the world littered around the UK coastline, well worth a couple of hours in the car. Hope that helps, stay safe and enjoy yourself.

posted : March 14, 2005 Post subject: padi or bsac
well if it is just inland sites you fancy to get yourself all sorted - don't just think Stoney there is always
Dosthill, Gildenburgh, Horsea, Capenwray, NDC, Vobster Quay to name just a few!
Then there is always portalnd bill and swanage
Have fun

What ever organisation you chooose the best part of diving is to learn tips nd tricks from other people - never be afraid to ask . . .we don't bite

posted : June 30, 2005 Post subject: padi or bsac
Although not wishing to get political, based on my own personal experience as a newly qualified PADI open water diver (shortly doing my advanced) I must say that I feel nothing but contempt for my local BSAC club. I went to 2 meetings and have never been made to feel so unwelcome anywhere in my life. I think that PADI are a lot more approachable (probably as you are paying them) but at the end of the day you get what you pay for Hmmm.

posted : July 15, 2005 Post subject: padi or bsac
Having spent 6 months in the pool, before being allowed into the "real world". Sports diver took nearly 18 months. Is this the club or the system? I understand the rules for experience but this appears to be a Catch 22 situation in that the number of dives required increases before I can complete the course.

posted : October 13, 2005 Post subject: padi or bsac
The easiest way to define the two are

Padi are recreational

BSAC are sport

I am a member and have qualifications with both as well as others.

posted : October 14, 2005 Post subject: padi or bsac
I disagre on the fact what BSAC clubs aren't as approachable as the PADI clubs.

I'm a member of a BSAC club in Greater Manchester, and joining the club is probably the best thing i've ever done.

I've only just started my Ocean Diver lectures, and I think learning properly is better than PADI throwing you in the sea for a few hours after taking your money and then saying you are good enough??

BSAC (in my opinion) is the better choice if you want to learn properly, and safely.

posted : October 14, 2005 Post subject: padi or bsac
HI I am a owi for a club and a instructor with other agencies if I was you and had the cash do the padi then get crossed over to a BSAC/SAA club then carry on your training. In our club we only take openwater divers or above to cut out all the first stage training, you can even get your nitrox ticket with padi now even when training so why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I started out BSAC got to Advance Diver then crossed over to padi I cant do with the bollocks/crap within a club like divers saying padi is better than bsac so I started my own club up and as long as the person has 3rd party insurance and can dive we will have them.
so theres 2 points
1) pay and get in the water quick.
2) join a club and get in the water sometime that year if you are luckey.
remember you are a long time dead so do number 1 if I was you buts its up to you.
Happy Diving.

posted : October 15, 2005 Post subject: padi or bsac
Hi Im a BSAC Advanced instructor and padi dive master, I am also the D.O of my local dive club most of our new trainees get in the water with in 9 weeks inc drysuit training it can be done in less but it all depends on the ability of the trainee, we work at the trainees paceand comitments, all trainees enter the water capable of looking after them selfs, with basic rescue skills, there are good and bad in all walks of life, but if you intend to dive a lot in british waters then from my own exp of seeing diver from padi BSAC SSI etc I most say BSAC is a better choice but try a few clubs first. go to bsac for a list of clubs in your area, best regards Paul

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