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posted : January 17, 2010 Post subject: my passion for diving
i know for a fact you get similar questions to this but if you could go out your way to help me i'd really appreciate it.
hi my names ben im 16 years old i scuba dive and have done for 5 years now nearly 6 and have dived in over 4 different countries, my passion for diving has convinced me to take it on as a carrer move id like to work on oil rigs and just need some advice on what to do next, i am studying manufacturing engineering on a level 3 btec national diploma course
I heard they do marine engineering courses at plymouth and greenwich uni don't know if they relate to working on oil rigs, Or any other ways i could get to diving on oil rigs.
I know there is a very low chance but if so could you give me some details on companys that may sponsor me or pay for my university funds or maybe get me a scolarship into the a uni where i can progress to working on oil rigs.
thank you for your time

posted : January 21, 2010 Post subject: my passion for diving
No Dive firm will sponser you for anything, it just doesn't work that way.

Finish your Btec course and if you are really keen to become a commercial diver, go and join up as a Royal Navy Clearence Diver and once you have done a 4 year stint leave and go Commercial.

At least then you will have a decent background and be a little older and a Dive Firm may take you seriously. Your future degree won't really count for Jack ref Commercial Diving, sorry for the harsh truth. At least with the forces you will get used to being away from home.

posted : February 3, 2010 Post subject: my passion for diving

I was in exact same position as you I wanted to do Commercial diving since I was 14. I went on to do things that would build my CV up to help me when I was old enough to work, I am now 18 and working in civils. Sea Dweller is right about going through the navy as it is free but the pass rate is very low I hered when I went to the career place. However it is alot of money to do it through the schools I have also just done me Diver medic and the costs soon add up roughly 15,000 so far. You can get grants off your comunity some times also I know that some companies have put people through there diving courses so have a look into it.


posted : February 6, 2010 Post subject: my passion for diving
hey bud, im currently at uwc its a really good course and the training is top. im 22 and the youngest by a good margin.... u have time on your side so going to plym is a really good choice because the uni runs a HSE scuba course for peanuts compared to any commercial school in the uk, this is done along side ur normal uni course, and the night life in plym is ace !!!!!!!!! then when ur a lil older u can save a packet on fee's at uwc or pda by just doing the surface sup and top-up.

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