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posted : January 2, 2010 Post subject: New career advise
Hi guys. I know you get the same questions every time but I am going to ask them again.

I am currently a 25 y.o. degree qualified mechanical engineer. I have spent 2-years as an engineer manufacturing aircraft components, and am now a consultant engineer mainly working for gas and oil companies offering a variety of services/procedures for on-site heat treatments and pipe leak sealing.

My plan is to stick at this for 5 or so years then look into commercial diver training. I don't have any skills such as welding, NDT etc. I am very hands on and mechanically minded but have no quals to back this up.

Can anybody offer advise on whether I would be at an advantage going into this industry with my qualifications/experience?

Is there anything I can do in the mean time to boost my profile a bit?

Any further arguments that I can use on the missus to let me spend money on training are appreciated


posted : January 3, 2010 Post subject: New career advise
You say you don't have any quals, yet you have a degree??

Any how,
First ask your self why you want to become a Diver, if it's because of the promise of big money then I would say look else where as you will have to probably take a pay cut for the first few years of diving.

Your background will certaintly help put you above most of the others leaving dive school but the prob is now that most companies are getting so many CV's from baby Divers that they are just getting deleted with out being read.
The only way most people are now getting a start is through some one they know in the industry.
5 years down the road is a long time, perhaps if you really are that keen, it may be better to do it sooner rarther than later, but I really do stress even with a good background a lot of doors are now closed and you will find it quite hard to get a start.
Forget about about the welding as well as this is a niche even with in the Diving industry.

posted : January 3, 2010 Post subject: New career advise
Thanks for your reply. I do have a mechanical engineering degree but this is not a hands-on workshop based degree. It is 99% theory and classroom based. Having read other websites, they say people with manual trades are best suited to get jobs in diving.

I am currently and bsac dive leader. I would love to turn it into a career. Yes the long term money prospects are appealing but I am sure I would enjoy the job too.

It is interesting that you say work is sparse at the moment. I spoke to one of the dive schools in Scotland last year and they said most people they trained that year had got jobs before they finished the course. I realise they are keen to sell expensive courses, but the information does seem conflicting depending on who you speak to.

Thanks for your advise and taking the time to reply

posted : January 4, 2010 Post subject: New career advise
Work has been sparse, I have been kept busy but I have a regular slot at a leading firm (lucky me!!)

If you want to believe what a dive school tells you then fair play but I would guess that 90% of last years students have not been working.

Beware of turning your hobby/passion of Diving into a job, commercial work bears no likeness to sports diving.

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