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posted : December 14, 2009 Post subject: What constitutes "cold"?
I have just finished my PADI Open Water course yesterday and I have a question that has annoyed me since reading the manual. I asked several of my instructors but they didnt know the answer either.

The manual and dive tables both state that "when planning a dive in cold water or conditions that might be strenous, plan the dive assuming it is 4m deeper than actual"

On my course I was cold but not shivering, however a girl on the same dive was shivering and was struggling with the cold. The theory of it makes perfect sense but what constitutes "cold".



posted : December 15, 2009 Post subject: What constitutes "cold"?
unprotected diver comfortable during moderate activity 24c to 30c
partial wet suit required 20c to 24c
full wet suit 15c to 20c
pain 16c
dry suit recommended about 6c to 15
dry suit required about -3 to 5
unprotected diver death within 1 hour at 5c

so i would say 5c

just depends on what protection your going to put on

dont no if that helps


posted : December 28, 2009 Post subject: What constitutes "cold"?
Technically, coldwater diving is done in water temps of 10degs or less.
This temp has been the suggested limit for some years now among North European Federations of diving.


posted : January 23, 2010 Post subject: What constitutes "cold"?
cold basically represents anything your exposure suit icl hood gloves etc makes you feel uncomfortable in be it shorty in red see or drysuit in uk you need to make own assessment based on conditions and suit you wear if you feel cold then generally you are so dive accordingly

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