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posted : December 4, 2009 Post subject: Looking for a help
Hi guys,

I am looking for a help with one project. I come from Czech Republic which is an inland country with a great tradition of diving.
Thanks to its freshwater dams, quarries and lakes it has lot of interesting diving sites, for example with sank villages, churches, forests etc.

I would like to make a website about diving in Czech Republic, where people from abroad can find diving localities, places where to fill the tanks, some useful info, such as traffic rules information and stuff like this. Together with it I would like to put there some information about some Czechs significant for international diving, I would like to list there Czech producers of diving equipment and so on.

What kind of help do I need? I would like to make those sites in English. And I need somebody to fix the language mistakes I make which means turn it from "my broken English" into "real English".

So, is there anybody whos going to help me with my project? For further info, please contact me at (OBELICA_LEZECTVI_CZ)

Thank you

Kind regards


posted : February 12, 2010 Post subject: Looking for a help
There is really not somebody who would help me with the language correction of sites about diving in the Czech Republic - ?

posted : May 9, 2010 Post subject: Looking for a help
Does the person get paid for it?


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