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posted : November 4, 2009 Post subject: Disability- advice welcomed
Hello ,

I am disabled person ( its but complex to go into the details ) that suffers a rare condition that is very sensitive - amongst other things to vibrations .

Any way as my joints cant handle the stress of swimming I was planning to try again with an aquascooter and thought , given others experince , here someone might have some ideas.

The problem basically is , that the motors on the scooter I tired ( so I assume it will be same for others ) cauese too much discomfort on my hands when holding it ( think reg people using drills, chainsaws )

And so I am wondering if ( because ocp therapists dont seem to know jack - much less any one else ) there are any
modifications , or types of scooters i could use just to even get propelled and feel the sensation of going through water again ?

I have tried writing to some companies and looking or things like shock absorbing materials, handles extension , that might make this easier but alas to no avail.

If any one has any suggestions or ideas I'd really appreciate it.



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