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posted : October 31, 2009 Post subject: bcd or backplate
i have recently finished commercial dive school and i am buying equipment but i dont know if i should buy a bcd or a weight harness backplate system. i will be mostly doing inshore fishfarm work and the odd recreational dive. any advice would be great

posted : November 24, 2009 Post subject: bcd or backplate
hey , i would definately choose the backplate wing option , a bcd does not promote proper trim in the water and compresses your diaphram decreasing your lung capacity and making you breathe harder . with a backplate and wing it is much easier to get a balanced rig and promotes a horizontal trim also if you dive a ss backplate you can combine this with cylinder trim weights this means not so much weight on your belt or smaller integrated pouches. you will have less drag if eqqipped right i sugest checking our dive rites selection of gear or halcyon i use dive right myself and find it meets my needs and more.. many of the companys today seem more intrested in makind BCDs better looking with all these uneccessary gadgets like 140 dump valves and built in microwave's. id advise reading the fundamentals of better diving by jarrod jablonski as this will give you a detailed view on backplates and wings and the correct way to dive. hope this helps :)


posted : December 23, 2009 Post subject: bcd or backplate
Hi the best thing you can do is to try as many set ups as possible to find out what is best for you, we are all differant and what works for others might not work for you. BCDs help you to maintain perfect buoyancy and gives you added safety. You can change your trim by altering the height of your cylinder on your back. Take care some wing set ups can position you face down at the surface if used with single cylinders. I hope this helps.

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