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posted : October 8, 2009 Post subject: Looking for some help
Hi all,

I am looking for a change of career and would like to train as dive instructor. I will give you a quick idea of what I am looking to do. I know nothing about diving at all.... I am just doing research on the possibility of retraining as a diver.

What I don't want to do is pay to get trained after empty promises of loads of jobs available and you can earn 10k per day etc etc. My aim is to work abroad diving, I have got it in my head I can dive with holiday makers etc and be like a tour guide?

I am in the dark as to what is open to me to be honest lads and lasses.. Am I dreaming here? Any help and advice is welcome.. Is there a diving industry in spain? This is my "end point" to live and work in spain. I don't want to be a commercial diver welding or anything like that. With every word I type It seems more and more ridiculous...

Well, I look forward to your replies.


posted : October 11, 2009 Post subject: Looking for some help
I do not understand how can you think of working diving, while you have never even dived recreationally? It seems to me that you are looking for an easy and pleasant job perspective. The journey to becoming a respected dive pro is long and not so easy, but definatelly satisfying if you really love diving. A good diver lives to dive,not dives to live. I'd say it takes a couple of hundred of dives in multiple conditions (drift diving, night diving, deep diving, cold water diving) to consider self as an experienced diver. Remember you've got to be physically as well as mentally fit. When learning to be a diver, you learn to handle your, and your partner's problems. As an instructor you'll be often expected to guide experienced divers, as well as dive with the ones, who are only starting, you've got to be able to handle panicked people and so.
I suggest that you visit a few local dive centers, compare the price to quality, have a chat with their instructors and choose the best one to enroll for a dive course. And then if you believe it's the thing for you continue your education and dive!
As for the dive market it's growing bigger an bigger, diving is now much safer and popular than a few years back. I hope you make it and wish you a many pleasant underwater adventures ;].

posted : October 12, 2009 Post subject: Looking for some help
OK there are some problems here that need addressing.

Diving has risks, and those risks are reduced with both training from a competent Instructor and by experience. Youre not even a diver, how the hell can you be a competent and experienced Instructor teaching people by throing yourself through the courses.

Firstly, training as a dive instructor is a great ambition. However, the Dive Market is flooded with AI and IDC instructors that have about 1 years experience in the water! To be honest, youll make ZERO money like that. Most of the decent paid instructors in the best dive areas are long term divers with 2000 plus dives under their belts. That counts for confidence and experience in the water.

Passing your Open water is easy, then youll do Advanced course, again not too difficult.
Rescue comes next and that takes a little more time and a bit more skill and thought.
HONESTLY, you should do at least 7 of the specialities, Deep, Wreck, Drift, Night, PPB, Search and recovery, and Boat Diver BEFORE you decide to trangress to DIVEMASTER. this is simply because as a divemaster youll lead dives, and if you arent trained in an aspect, then how the hell can you be trusted to lead other divers?
Also the DIVEMASTER course involves theory of Diving and Physiology. Thought is needed to make a good grade, fitness comes into play and also confidence in water. You need to be able to look after someone elses problems while having your own without flapping! that takes experience!

Then to do your IDC and become an open water instructor, youll need to show proficiency in the DIVEMASTER skills and then a lot more on top. None of this is easy, but is passable to even the neewly qualified diver.
HOWEVER, having the badge doesnt mean youre worth a bit! Most dive centers employing instructors will look for dives, experience, and range of diving before offering a good package.
Sure, youll get some sort of work if youre lucky, but it will be dogs-body work for very little.
Most UK based Instructors and Divemasters work for free!!
We have had two people come through our center that have had more money than ability and yes they have paid their way through to AI and IDC.
Would i employ either? NO!! both are bloody crap divers and i wouldnt trust them with students to be honest. they just dont have the experience of diving. They know the theory for sure, but they have no ability ot look after 4 students while having some problems of their own.

So to make it through to IDC:
300 approx for OW course.
250 Advanced
90 Drift
140 wreck
150 Deep
140 boat
90 S&R
100 PPB
100 Night
300 for Rescue and EFR
500 (plus padi fees) for Divemaster
800 (plus padi fees) for IDC
approx 1000 for kit (you cant borrow kit and expect to be a DM or Instructor
TOTAL APPROX 4000.00 and that doesnt include AIR FILLS and dive center entry fees.
If you have a spare 6000 you may be able to make it to Instructor from beginning and do it all in a year. this will make you a BADGED instructor but give you ZERO ability.

As for 10k a day WHAT THE HELL??? not even Commercial divers make that!!

I think you have a pipe dream and should rethink your course of life personally. Diving and Instructing is a WAY OF LIFE, and should not be a CHANGE OF CAREER for someone who isnt even a damn diver!!

Its a change of career for someone who has instructed for a few years and now wants to maybe do it full time!!

Not trying to put you down, nor put you off, just being realistic. TAKE YOUR TIME. learn diving first! Enjoy diving, you may even find you hate being wet all the time!
Remember, someone who pleasure dives gets to see the fish, the reef and wrecks.
Someone who is a PRO (divemaster-Instructor) gets to watch the students/clients and sees pretty much nothing!!

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