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posted : October 5, 2009 Post subject: Gear or club?
Hi, I'm a recently qualified scuba diver (less than a month) and have just started Uni. i'm wondering if it's more worthwhile to join a dive club or start collecting gear, as am the typical student can only afford one of them. Also, if there's an order in which I should acquire gear could you please tell me so?



posted : October 6, 2009 Post subject: Gear or club?
Hi alex, congrats on passing the first step.

With any hobby that requires some gear, scuba diving is no different.
The best bet for any new diver is to join a club that offers gear to hire/borrow. This way you can trial any piece of equipment, and see if it works for you.

Obviously an exposure suit of your own is always nice. If the club has a pool session every week, get yourself a nice cheap shortie and do a few weeks of pool diving with other gear to get comfortable with it.
UK diving sometimes calls for DRY SUITS which are expensive and require a bit of knowledge and skills to DRIVE. this can be done again with the dive club.

Other than that, take your time, dont get into debt buying gear you can borrow.
My advice (and pick at this as you will!) for gear would be
1: Exposure suit (a good 7mm semidry will work for uk most of the year)
2: MASK, SNORKEL and some fins.
3: Regulators, (your own is always nice)
4: BCD
5: a decent bag to hold it all
6: DIVE LIGHT (dont buy a cheapo one, it wont cut through some poor vis! a 40 light will be adequate for starters)
7: a decent dive knife. Go for a BLUNT NOSE (chisel end) as these can be taken on holiday and youre less likely to stab yourself underwater with it.
8: a good spares kit. Always a good thing to have, when you break something, or something fails, youre prepared. Not only that, youll make some good friends when someone is deperate on a rib!

Good luck!

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