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posted : September 3, 2009 Post subject: So Many Questions
Hi there, I am looking to train as a Commercial Diver in the near future. I have a few questions I would like to ask to increase my prospects, if you could answer this would help me make the decisions I need too . Firstly are there many jobs in this field availible, and rougthly how many candiates apply for a given possition? Do newly trainned inderviduals have much chance in getting off shore work? What are the qualifications and qualities customers/ employers realy look out for? Is there any training packages you would recomend and why? And finally is there any organizations that offer any in house training or apprenticeships etc that you are aware of? I eagerly awaite your reply as it will be a great help for me.

Thank You

posted : September 6, 2009 Post subject: So Many Questions
1/ Nowhere near as many jobs as there were 2 years ago. There are, and have always been, more 'Divers' than jobs. There are a huge amount of experienced divers, and semi-experienced, before you in the queue. Getting work as a baby diver requires resolve, luck and money to live on.
2/ hard to say, as there are never any 'formal' interviews, etc. There are definitely many divers looking at each available job as it comes up, and generally speaking, work is not 'advertised'- the Boss just calls a list and gets the first few that answer.
3/ It's very unlikely, but not impossible for a baby diver to get work offshore in the North sea. If you are willing to travel to the Far /Middle East theres more of a chance, but the pay and, more importantly, Safety, takes a nosedive. There's a lot of Baby's out there that still don't believe how dangerous this job can be, if you don't know when to say 'No' and walk off a job. You are just a breathing spanner to a lot of overseas companies.
4/ Diving companies can look for anything from a pulse, to in-depth NDT qualifications depending on the job. As a guide, you'd start off with an HSE Part 1, and maybe a Medic ticket, then after a few years of experience, maybe NDT. The experience is the key.
5/ HSE part 1. if you must, you can train in quite a few locations woldwide, but the Part 1 is
truly Universal.
6/ Pretty much No, unless you start working as a tender at a local civils company, and they put up the cash for your ticket, but you'll probably end up working for pennies under contract to pay it back. There are massively more divers than work out there- there's no need to spend money on putting guys through the course anymore.

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