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posted : August 31, 2009 Post subject: Refresher
I was looking through a diving shcool's website at the courses they offer and one of them is a " PADI SCUBA Review & Tune-Up." The website says that if you havent dived for six months then this course will need to be taken before you dive at a dive site. Is this true?

posted : September 4, 2009 Post subject: Refresher
If you dive at a inland site with a buddy who is at least ow then it is upto you, but idealy you want to keep fresh and do a tune-up.
but certainly if you do a course with a school they will certainly make you do a tune-up course

posted : September 4, 2009 Post subject: Refresher
Yes it is true.

Basically your diving is part of a MOTOR MEMORY skill set. Meaning that most of the skills you learn will become second nature while doing it repeadedly.

If you have six or more months without touching any diving equipment, Padi reccomend you take a scuba review, its a short little review just to make sure you are still comfortable with the major skill sets and can perform them to a basic standard.

They are very important if you dont have an experienced buddy with you for the first dive after extended period of time (and i wouldnt take the above advice and dive with just an OW diver unless they were experienced I.E 50+ dives) as loosing your mask, regulator and forgetting the procedure, can end up with you bombing the surface, a DCI or worse still a Lung Overexpansion.

The reason its in the Padi System is because its been studied and is a viable option for those divers without an experienced Dive Buddy to catch back up after a break.

posted : September 13, 2009 Post subject: Refresher
After a six month gap i wuld sugest yu at least find a local dive club and do some pool time as a minimum, it just keeps you up with your kit.

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