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mike collins
posted : August 27, 2009 Post subject: strongwork staff
Mr Morrell, some strongwork staff info for you,
The god, Tom Norman went to pro dive in falmouth where he worked until they sadly closed, last spoke to tom in 1997, hope he is still with us.
Howard Rees went to Offshore marine engineering, (OME) in wolverhampton where he was joined by chris wilson, when OME closed in about 93 or 94 I think, howard went to yarmoth to work for a drilling company,
Mike Ashman, electrician at SDI in Caldicott went on to work on nuclar subs but very sadly succumbed to lukima in late 80s I think.
Stuart Battle went on to work at OME and then Stena, he so sadly was lost to lung cancer in 2006 aged 59.
Pete Collins, my farther you already know died in 97, the boose and fags finally beat him
Phil Roberts, last heard of freelancing for shell and living in Berwick on tweed

mike collins
posted : August 27, 2009 Post subject: strongwork staff
Mr Morrell, should you wish any more info please let me know, I will try to remember a few more links, by the way I am very honoured to have a copy of strongworks old M.D harry wardle`s unfinished, unpublished book on the early SDI days, should you wish a copy I shall be delighted to email this to you, I also have dads photograpic SDI records that again I could copy and forward. Yours Mike Collins, lucerne, Switzerland

Gerry "Gerald"
posted : December 20, 2009 Post subject: strongwork staff
Mike, I had the honour and pleasure to work with your dad at North Baddesley, 1973 / 1974, and he 'took care' of me as a youngster new to commercial diving. Tom Norman spoke to me about this time last year and we communicate by Xmas Card. He lost his wife Betty to cancer in 2008 and was 80Yrs old 5 November 2008. I am still in regular contact with Stan Macleod - pleased to give further details, Regards, Gerry

Gerry "Gerald"
posted : December 20, 2009 Post subject: strongwork staff
Mr Morrell, please see my posting below to Mike Collins - I worked for Strongwork 73 and 74. Tom was alive this time last year, Happy Day died a couple of years back, Stan Macleod QGM, (Piper Alpha) working for H&SE, Chris Roddis last heard of in Spain - I have photos/stories if you wish ?? Gerry Barlow

Gerry "Gerald"
posted : December 23, 2009 Post subject: strongwork staff
Mike, Just received my annual Christmas card from Tom Norman - he has had arthroscopy work last year on damaged knee but otherwise OK, Gerry Barlow,

Diving Heritage
posted : January 28, 2012 Post subject: strongwork staff
Good morning , being the webhost for Diving Heritage we would like to open a section on Strongwork Diving and would be obliged for any help anyone can give us especially perhaps a copy of the unfinished 3 rd book. Thanks in anticipation.Full credits will be given.

posted : September 20, 2013 Post subject: strongwork staff
Hi , sorry to use this thread, but are the the Michael Collins who contacted Caldicot school in the summer 2013 to contact past pupils or staff, if you are could you rep;ly to this thread.
thanks - sorry lost your email address.

posted : January 23, 2014 Post subject: strongwork staff
Hi Mike, I am CHRIS RODDIS, I knew and worked with your dad for around 7 years from 1966/7 out of the SOUTHAMPTON base then for a short time out of CALDICOT. Among the guys there at the time apart from the ones you have mentioned are of course Tom Norman with whom I am in regular contact, he is living in Falmouth and just celebrated his 82 birthday late last year, I was in contact with Spike Wheeler until recently when he moved to a new address without giving that address to me as yet. Others who were there at the time Dave Audior (manager Yarmouth) ERNIE WISE,TED MASON, RICK STOREY, GEOF BREED,TUG WILSON EX C.SGT RM, and my very good friend HAPPY DAYI lost contact with happy some years ago when he went BOMB DIS. in LIBYA then recently heard that he was MAJOR HAPPY DAY I/C DUBIA ARMY BOMB DISPOSAL, he was Very ill with cancer, his son who was serving in Afganistan with the SAS was given leave to take him home where shortly after he died. I would be pleased to hear from any old corkheads still around.

posted : January 23, 2014 Post subject: strongwork staff

posted : February 6, 2014 Post subject: strongwork staff
Hello Christopher, good to see you on this site bringing back happy times and we covered a lot of ground back then. For those who were in Caldicott and also perhaps Baddesley a Happy New Year to you all. I have been down Falmouth since 1980 employed at the Prodive Commercial Diving School until retirement in 93 and thoroughly enjoyed the time there. Was LST along with Roy Coulson when the 1000 feet Dive was carried out using the Drass system run by Mark Frietag who I think went as Clients Rep and the systems engineer was Stu Battle, who, I am informed, passed away very early in life. He was a fine man to work alongside.However, may read some updates from someone soon so keep your powder dry Tom Norman

posted : March 21, 2015 Post subject: strongwork staff
Chris, So nice to see your messages. I miss the crack and the divers I used to work with. We were all very close. Give my regards to anyone who remembers me. I am in Southampton now but not able to get about. Stan MacLeod

posted : March 23, 2015 Post subject: strongwork staff
hi, i,m Luis, new in the diving world. can i ask what titles and licences i need for work by myself in UK? in maintenance of boats and ships.
thanks so much for all of your time!

posted : June 16, 2015 Post subject: strongwork staff
Hi Tucker, just to inform you that my dad Roy Coulson passed away in Crete this year, he spoke often of his time in Falmouth and Tom Norman was mentioned on many occasions.

posted : July 1, 2015 Post subject: strongwork staff
Hello Wendy, Many thanks for your message for info on your dad's passing. I received the obituary in a copy of the Navy News sent to me by Spike Wheeler who was with us in Caldicot way back in the 80s. Roy and I did a lot of work together and were a good team. I trust all is well with you and family. My bet regards Tom (Tucker) Norman.

posted : August 13, 2015 Post subject: strongwork staff
Tom its kay from caldicot met up with phil and beryl roberts this week we are trying to srrange w strongwork reunion poss early next year would love u to come glad all is ok yr end keep in touch x

Phill Roberts
posted : August 19, 2015 Post subject: strongwork staff
Hi Chaps,
I have just found this site and have surfaced again. I am the proud and privileged custodian of Strongwork Diving Limited which I purchased from Herb Newbury of Subsea in 1991 for a pint of beer !!! I soon discovered that certain Middle East interests might have a claim on the company (ref the Stelkar debacle) and so prudently traded the name in and re-registered the company as Strongwork Engineering Limited and have used the name to contract through for the last 25 yrs with the blessing of Pete Collins and Nobby Clarke who I kept in contact with until they passed on. I recently spent a great afternoon with Kay willis and her daughter Aisha and her partner Kev in the Castle Hotel at Caldicot and many names came up such as Tom Norman, Happy, Nobby, Mike Noon, Stanley Roderick Mackenzie McLeod, Spike Wheeler, Tom King, Michael Anthony Gould Stewart (MASGS) and many others. I am in close touch with Stew Risk, Michael Collins, Simon Hamblin and occasionally Mike O'Meara, Pete Cook and Jock Nicol and of course Derek Morton my son-in-law. I am still working,I retired once but there is only so much DIY a body can stand. I am still happily married to Beryl, now 80+ who I met on the dock gate job in Berwick in 1974 (where I have lived for the last 28yrs) and who BC described as" the long haired one".
The industry has been very good to me, as it has to many of us. I would very much like to get in touch with some long lost souls before we all turn up our toes, particularly Stan, Spike Wheeler, Brian Cutler and especially Tommy Norman who was the ultimate mentor and kept us from making silly mistakes when we were all starting out. I am glad to see Chris Roddis (Major Viking) is still alive and kicking as he was the first person I met at Strongwork and was very impressed with his Volvo Estate, flash bastard 1973/74. I worked for a number of years with Bob Taylor (mini Viking) when I was Shell rep on the Stadive have been on the MCDOA web site and have spotted Spike and a note from Mike O'Meara but I see by the obituary column that many are falling by the wayside. So any one that feels inclined and wants to contact me, my e-mail is, perhaps we should start a Facebook page or have another reunion, the last one must have been in the early 1990's. Anyway the Strongwork and Reed and Malik days were a little bit special I think and worth remembering. Keep healthy and safe and I look forward to an e-mail. All the best Phill

Slinger Wood
posted : November 26, 2015 Post subject: strongwork staff
Hi Stan, good to see you are still with us.
You know me from Bantry Bay.

posted : December 5, 2015 Post subject: strongwork staff
Good to hear from you Slinger. I hope all is well with you and yours. We had some fierce crack in Bantry as well as the odd pint of Guinness. Those were great days.

Gerry "Gerald"
posted : December 19, 2015 Post subject: strongwork staff
Hi Chris, it's Gerry Barlow here, I worked out of Baddesley in 1973 /1974 and remember you 'Blackbeard' and if I remember right, Volve Estate driver. I was talking to Tom Norman by phone last Monday night and he told me you were 'still on O2' out in Spain. Best wishes mate.

Gerry "Gerald"
posted : December 19, 2015 Post subject: strongwork staff
Good to hear from you Stan and hoping you are well. Been sending Xmas cards to the Southampton address I have for you each year but guessing you have moved - last time we spoke, you were going back offshore with Total. Best wishes, Gerry. Ps. Any news of Geordie Gibson ?? Spoke with Tom Nevin a while back and he had seen Geordie who he thought is now living in Thailand ??

Gerry "Gerald"
posted : December 19, 2015 Post subject: strongwork staff
Hello Phil and Beryl, good to hear your news. I was sent to keep you and Dr Colin Rivers safe on the Berwick Dock Gates job where I too met my wife Sheilagh, also nursing at Berwick Infirmary. Fond memories too of the Bradford on Avon river crossing job when we disconnected the mileometer on the brand new Strongwork van , and Geordie Gibson and I vanished upto Hereford for an overnight piss up courtesy of the SAS lads recently back from Oman. Hoping you and yours are keeping well, regards, Gerry.

Gerry "Gerald"
posted : December 19, 2015 Post subject: strongwork staff
Cheers Tom (Tucker) for giving me the heads up that this site was active again. Will forward my Zuluf photos after Christmas as requested, Gerry.

posted : December 25, 2015 Post subject: strongwork staff
Great to hear from you Gerry. I'm in London now. I have lost my sight so rely on others to post messages for me, but I'd love to hear from you, and any of my old colleagues. My phone number is 07554 395839.

Gerry "Gerald"
posted : January 2, 2016 Post subject: strongwork staff
Sincerely sorry to hear your news Stan and will make contact by phone as soon as I can. We lost our twenty nine year old daughter unexpectedly earlier this year and have been working through the Courts to obtain guardianship of her young children so been a difficult year here. Now 'parents' to a twelve and a nine year old with 'visiting rights' on the youngest aged four. Will speak soon. Best wishes mate.

posted : January 4, 2016 Post subject: strongwork staff
Gerry, I am so very sorry to hear your sad news and the dreadful struggle you and Sheilagh have had to face. I look forward to speaking to you soon. Best wishes for a more peaceful 2016.

posted : January 12, 2016 Post subject: strongwork staff
Happy New Year to all surviving, ex strongwork staff.
I have kept in touch with Phil Roberts over the years since leaving the Stelkur in the Arabian Gulf in 1979, when strongwork was closed down to the distress of all. I have made contact with Stan Macleod after Phil sent me his phone number and will be visiting him on Sun 17Jan2016. I visited Tom Norman yesterday and spent a very enjoyable 6-hours with him, reminiscing about the past. Tom appears to be in great shape and is as sharp as he ever was. I was with strongwork from May 1972 until leaving the Stelkur in 1989. It would take too much space to write down all the places I have worked in and people whom I have had the pleasure of working with since 1972. Maybe some of you may even remember me from the Penzance lock gate job, Berwick lock gate job,Winfrith SGHWR, various bridge surveys, Trearddur Bay, Rhosneigre and Amlwch jobs in Anglesey, Kingfisher at Zuluf, Lift Tide at Juaymah in the Arabian Gulf etc. I was also on the Portugal job with Stan Macleod during the famous revolution. Rick Storey gave me the nickname 'Simon the pure'. Should any of you wish to contact me directly, my e-mail address is;

posted : September 18, 2017 Post subject: strongwork staff
Hello Linda Caldicot School, Sorry it has taken years to reply, but i became rather distracted with work and a very ill wife.
now back in the U.K as Swiss medical costs are through the roof for anything more than a broken arm.
My new U.K personal email is
Would love to meet Stan The Man when I am next down south, I was delighted to get together with Tom Norman in 2014 for a day over the Xmas period, I so wish he would write a book of his diving life but I fear he may not do so.

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