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posted : August 20, 2009 Post subject: e-learning
My son (13 years old) has just completed the PADI e-learning open water course. He enjoyed it very much. It was a good way for him to study his open water without the pressure's of the classroom. Once on holiday in Gozo however I had to pay the full price for the open water course to ST Andrews dive school. I was given no reduction even though he only had to do his open water dives. I did ask how much it was going to cost before he started diving and was told that they would work it out and let me know. Just a warning to anyone who is doing the e-learning and going to St Andrews Gozo get a price first before entering the water.

posted : August 21, 2009 Post subject: e-learning
When did he do his confined water pool dives ?

posted : August 23, 2009 Post subject: e-learning
He did them all in the sea?

posted : August 26, 2009 Post subject: e-learning
Many dive centres do not charge anything for the academic sessions and only charge for the pool and Open Water dives.
I take it you were expecting the dive centre to knock off the price for the classroom/bookwork sessions.
A bit naughty not to tell you the full costs up-front though.

posted : August 28, 2009 Post subject: e-learning
Our club runs a system whereby if you are a REFERRAL, and the E-Learning scheme online with PADI is just that, then you pay a lot less for the completed course.

If you do your COURSEWORK with us, you pay for the course time, and the manuals, (about 1/2 the cost of the full course) and the same the other way round. We have had some people come in that had not got the time in the day to do the coursework, so they did E-Learning. They paid roughtly 2/3 the cost of the course to complete the OPEN WATER dives with us. The reason being is because you have to do all the PRACTICAL SKILLS, and some of those are done on the Confined water dives.

Regardless, its a bit of a rip-off for them to charge you FULL PRICE for the course when you have already paid PADI direct for the coursework. Id call PADI here in Bristol and ask their opinion. If the Gozo place is a 5 star center, they should be running it a bit better!

posted : August 28, 2009 Post subject: e-learning
Thanks for your advice. I will contact PADI

posted : August 28, 2009 Post subject: e-learning
You have basically paid PADI for the convenience of an online version of the manual.
The centre still have to administer a quiz and exam as well as the confined water and open water dives. In a full course the only extra they have is to check the knowledge reviews and administer section quizzes.
I would not expect them to knock much, if any, off of the price.
I am quite sure PADI themselves will have little to say about how a company prices their courses.
However I do think the company in Gozo should have explained their prices first.

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