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posted : August 18, 2009 Post subject: metal find?
i've found a metal object which is currently sitting in a bucket of water and would like to preserve it any advice would be helpful cheers.

posted : August 18, 2009 Post subject: metal find?
if i said it was a mk2 sten gun would i get a reply?

posted : August 20, 2009 Post subject: metal find?
firstly, you are required to inform the RECIEVER OF WRECK of any article you remove. regardless if you found it on the sea bed.
They sometimes let you keep the object as long as it has no value for history or past military encounter.
If it IS a sten gun, then id certainly inform the local coastguard as if you are caught with it, youll be liable for many offences!

We do not advise anyone to remove objects on dives, simply because if left alone, they become dive interest for other divers, life sometimes utilises the object, and if it has been submerged for a long period, then bringing it to the surface will no doubt start to destroy it.

posted : August 21, 2009 Post subject: metal find?
i did recently find a a sten gun but that went straight to the police its actually a lump of crud with metal sticking out of it just wantd to know how to extract the metal?

posted : August 24, 2009 Post subject: metal find?
Ah right good man!

If it is something that isnt readily identifiable, youre not in any danger i dont think!!

As for removing the metal from the crud, this is a tricky thing.
Dependant on how long the item has been submerged in the sea water for, depends on how quickly it will deteriorate in air. Obviously the sea water will start the oxidation process but while kept underwater, the oxygen level is lower and this process is a lot slower. Once you get it on dry land, the air around it will speed this up considerably.

Secondly, what is the CRUD? is it hard matter, I.E mineral formation? or is it softer matter, like mud, organisms, or sea kelp?

Both need care to remove the object without damage.

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