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posted : April 10, 2009 Post subject: sat diving
Just wondering does anyone have any idea how many years are left in sat diving with the amounts of helium are left and the with the cost

posted : April 15, 2009 Post subject: sat diving
Hello Happy paddy, there is no end in sight for the helium diving industry, the hardest part of helium saturation diving is getting the job. it's a goal of many but only a few make it. you have to earn your saturation career and it takes a lot of commitment from someone. you need to gain experience in offshore air work first which is harder to come by nowadays, approx 10,000 for commercial air diving to 50m then once you have gained enough experience in your own mind, you have to take the part 11 diving course which at the present time will set you back approx 15,000 if you get this far then you have to find an employer. if you do get this far you deserve everything you get my man. the rewards are a great career with a great bunch of lads.

posted : April 15, 2009 Post subject: sat diving
Thanks sillyunder for the reply,its a shame more people dont,yea iv planned to go to TUC in the 6-12 months,im just going doing a coded welding course frist.

posted : May 2, 2009 Post subject: sat diving
For the love of god dont, TUC is a complete rip-off.

i suggest you go to the school in dunoon, i did my training at TUC and if i knew then what i know now i would have gone to dunoon, i have spoken to several people who have done their course there and not only is the training and suppost superior but the course as a whole is better value for money

heres the link for dunoon:

posted : May 3, 2009 Post subject: sat diving
Hi Dougie
Yea iv been well warned by several people at this stage. Iv the course booked for october in dunoon so cant wait.

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