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posted : March 31, 2009 Post subject: Starting Out Advice
I'm in the middle of completing a 4-day PADI Open Water Diver course in Costa Rica. When I return to the UK, I want to keep up with the diving and try out sites both inland and offshore. Problem is I don't know anyone else who dives and can buddy with me when making the dives.

What's the best way to start out? Should I join a club or are there instructor type people who will buddy with me at dive sites if I just turn up alone? I live in London by the way. Any advice would be much appreciated.


head toad
posted : April 1, 2009 Post subject: Starting Out Advice
he steve
your best bet is to join a dive club as you will find it hard to find a buddy if you just turn up at dive site

so your best to join a club then there will be buddies there already

have a good look round for a dive club don't just pick the first one you see

there are alot of clubs out there that just want your money and they will just push trainning on to you and take your money and when your cash drys up then they will drop you

so look for a club that dives not talks about diving

all the best and good luck with your diving

ian a
posted : April 15, 2009 Post subject: Starting Out Advice
hi there, you dont say where you ar from but i have the same trouble, i have managed to find a couple of people to buddy up with but would like to dive more regualy. i live in peterborough have all my own kit and dont mind to travel so if you fancy getting wet when you return then feel free to contact me.

posted : April 17, 2009 Post subject: Starting Out Advice
Maybe try to find a shop or club that is putting a group of people through the PADI Advanced and Rescue Diver courses. If you do these courses you'll meet a bunch of people roughly the same level as you, and hopefully find a buddy.

On boats you can often latch onto other groups. Most divers will make a pair into a three for a day as they have had to rely on others for the same favour in the past. (And you meet some lovely people) However it's not so fair if you are a complete burden to them, so some experience and courses will help a lot here.

posted : May 10, 2009 Post subject: Starting Out Advice
this is becoming a big issue, aren't going to get into the padi-bsac issues, but, we are getting quite a few padi open water divers crossing over to bsac, a dive club is full of divers, finding a buddy is not a problem then, and, with the crossover system now in place, it is simplicity itself to switch.

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