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posted : March 19, 2009 Post subject: Commercial Diver work wanted?!?!
My name is David Brown and I am actively seeking an available position as an Air Diver (World Wide). I Currently hold an array of qualifications, such as: HSE Air Diver (Parts 1,3 & 4), CSWIP NDT 3.1u and Underwater Welding and Burning to mention a few. I am able to join any projects at a moments notice, as I hold up to date, Offshore OPITO Survival and Medical (Also HSE Diver Medical) certificates.

If anyone knows of any avalible positions for someone with my current skill set, I would love to hear from you! Or any advice would be greatful as im newly qualified.

Kind regards

David Brown

posted : July 20, 2009 Post subject: Commercial Diver work wanted?!?!
Hi David

Sorry this is abit random but I am currently looking to change my career and become a commercial diver like you.

Did you manage to get started in the industry?

Best Regards

posted : July 21, 2009 Post subject: Commercial Diver work wanted?!?!
Good evening Andy
I am currently employed as a Commercial Diver in the Caribbean, so there is hope! To be honest it took a while before a company took me on, but keep pushing out the C.V's! Iif you are determined and willing, you'll find work out there. The money isn't great all over, but the industry is picking up again. Offshore companies are receiving large amount of tenders, which in turn will provide jobs for next year!

If you require further information, I'll do my best to help!

Kind regards


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