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posted : February 13, 2009 Post subject: Diving internship 2009
Hi guys/ Gals im sure you might have heard this before but thinking of becoming a diving instructor for a change of lifestyle and see a bit more.
Looking at an internship april/may 2009 down at Protaras In cyprus, seems like a nice guy and the sort of setting id like to learn in,anyone been there out of interest?
Honest no b/s how is the job itself?im the sort of guy who as long as i have a few quid,roof over head etc and love what i do where im doing it im happy.What are the prospects i.e. if i do my course am i going to be sitting round waiting for a place to come up to work?
Any help / advice would be much appreciated

posted : June 6, 2009 Post subject: Diving internship 2009

being an O.W.S.i can be great fun and seeing people develop is fantastic, but you also get the students who are a challenge and should never get in the water, ever.
you wont ever get rich, but we do it for the love, as for the prospects dedication will take you all the way.
and once divemaster or instructor you can get on the Padi Pro website which has jobs galore all over the world, so no waiting around. it is all upto you to take the plunge and travel.

if you need any info give us a call
O.W.S.I paul 07531605796

posted : June 6, 2009 Post subject: Diving internship 2009
Love it, every course is a fresh challenge and every day and dive is different,
You say Protaras, Easy divers by any chance, if so you couldn,t have picked a better place and Joey is top man,
I live in Cyprus but in the North, did my I,E down the south though,

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