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Scuba Diver Rob
posted : February 7, 2009 Post subject: Good Read
I got a book for christmas which I enjoyed reading:-

Diver Down - Real World Scuba Accidents & How to aviod them. ISBN 0-07-144572-2

A good read for anyone at any level, but explains alot of the diving technical stuff for anybody new.

posted : February 11, 2009 Post subject: Good Read
Thanks for sharing this Rob... Is this book simple to be understood by a total novice?

Scuba Diver Rob
posted : February 12, 2009 Post subject: Good Read
Yes, the book explains techy stuff as you read each incident. (Easy to understand)

The book covers all types of recreation diving accidents and gives a full account of each dive from the begining to the end. Many are unfortunatly fatal, but it is a very good book to learn the easy way about how to aviod accidents.

I got this for xmas and read it from cover to cover in one sitting. I would recomend this book to any diver of any level, you cannot fail to enjoy reading it and learn alot through others mistakes!

It gave us a shake up when we read it and we might live abit longer as a result.

Scuba Diver Rob
posted : February 12, 2009 Post subject: Good Read
Book author:
Michael R Ange (Editor Scuba Diving Magazine)

Book contents:

The rescue Diver
The sailors cold and lonely night
Dying for maintenance (Guilty!!!)
A killer wreck dive
Good intensions
The inexperienced professional and an ego
The trust me dive
Killer arrogance
A killer shortcut
Hazards to navigation
A simple commercial dive
Dive plan failure: Narcosis is for everyone
A snug fitting dry suit
The little details that get you
The expedient gear technition
practising what you preach
The folly of youth
You canot buy common sense

Technical explanations:

The evolution of advanced training
Dive specialties
Trimix Instructor training
Hyperbaric injury
Rescue Skills
Ocean currents
Recreational charter boats
Wreck diving
Decompresion stops
Entry level training
Hyperbaric chambers
Ascending for life
Dive planning
Cave diving & cave diving rules
Rebreathers explained
Sharing the water with boats
Commercial diving
DCS and nitrogen narcosis
Dive briefings
BCD inflator mechanisms
Diving and pregnacy
The panic cycle
Skills maintanance
Dangerous depths
Unattended boats
Trimix dives
Lift bags

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