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john haskell
posted : October 22, 2008 Post subject: help
Hi Andrew, dont want to be a nuisance as i have noticed several q's along this theme but here goes. I have always wanted to extend my sport diving to tech level but same old story eg kids, land lubber wife finances, blah blah blah. but now kids are older and sod the wife. I can now commit, first q' (sorry more than one) Its time to buy a new BC, i've had my buddy commando for 20 years, (since I was 19.) would like to know if the latest model would suit me and be of use in tech diving eg twinning and all the other dark arts? basicly i would like to be diving to 80 meters and i have a specific wreck in mind.I think I've found this WW1 Uboat. . This is burning away in me and I wont be happy till I've confirmed or ruled it out. Tho this is not my only reason for my want of progresion. I've done about 1200 dives and I'm at BSCAC advanced diver level and have done the PADI divemaster crossover. I've completed TDI nitrox although a few years ago and only done a few nitrox dives since. Dont want to sound like a tight arse but my budget is very limited, could you recommend a route for me to take. Should i forget the buddy commando and buy a wing?. phew! thanks for listening, John

posted : February 3, 2009 Post subject: help
In my opinion - you are stuck. Technical diving is incredibly expensive! Just doing the dive you are wishing to do is a massive dive - you will probably need three cylinders of gases and then a twinset to do that dive. Crunching numbers, twin-12's will only give you about 10 mins on the bottom - for serious research and exploration at that level you need more than 10 mins - so stages are going to be needed etc etc thats several hundred pounds worth of gas.

I am personally a fan of the harness and wing - and given that you are going to be jumping off the boat with three or more stages you are going to need a good harness - I personally don't think that the buddy "tek wings" or the like are any good. I would suggest something on the lines of a Halcyon (Evolve), Custom Divers or Frog

Twinset wise - thats a big dive - twin-12's are the bare minimum to do that but you will probably need something meatier like twin-16's for something desent on the bottom.

You will need several stages too - you are looking at 500 per stage (cylinder/rigging kit/regs)

You will definately need a drysuit and alternative suit inflation.

Basically to buy that lot you are going to need atleast 2000 just acquiring the kit

Twinsets - 500
Harness + wing - 500
Dyrsuit - 500 + ( I spent 1200)
HID/LED Primary lights - 600
Argon Bottle - 150

Now training wise - you talk about 80m as though it is just like the hydro-box at Stoney Cove - 80m is no joke of a dive. Thats advanced trimix.

You will need to do Advanced Nitrox (& Decompresion Procedures) - Normoxic Trimix and then Advanced Trimix - there is about 1200 of courses alone.

You then need experience - passing your SD class and doing a 30m dive is one thing, passing your trimix class and doing an 80m dive is quite another thing.

Another point - have you got the peopole around you to support these dives? You need a full team to do this kind of diving - you will want your "bottom divers" and many support divers with contingencies for everything - you will want atleast 6 people just to do the dive.

I don't want to sound like I'm putting you off the idea - but if you think that this can be done easily and cheapily you are seriously underestimating this kind of diving.

To do that dive safely you need racks of experience working at depth and under stress - many things can go wrong and you need to know how to dael with them - my advice is get training and work your way up the ladder slowly - at 80m the best thing you can have is experience.

Good luck in your endevour


john haskell
posted : February 12, 2009 Post subject: help
Thanks for the helpfull reply. I can now see I was a bit naive. Have since joined a club with lots of tech divers as well as rec' divers and can now start proper training, have bought wings Halcyon evolve 55 for twinset (when I buy it) and pioneer 36 for singles. Both set up DIR style. Got some cash set aside for courses once dived up some more. Don't really need to survey wreck, just confirm its there. Shame rebreathers are so expensive would love to get my hands on one of those. i'll keep doing the lottery. Take care and safe diving, John

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