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posted : October 13, 2008 Post subject: Easytrade To Help SME Overcome Trade Cold winter Days is a global business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce internationally renowned brands, is the world's largest international trade, the most activeonline trading market and one of thebusiness community, focused on B2B trade platform development, e-Commerce, website building, and internet marketing.

In addition, will launch the next stage of development plan: providing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) DIY website to the China's foreign trade enterprises,Search Engine Optimization(SEO), internet marketing and many other E-business solutions, using their own online platform, a series of internet marketing tools, and working with their partners to help small and medium enterprises’ overcome trade cold winter days. has entered China domestic market last year. Its strategy is keeping low price for services and pushing easy-to-use platform to the local SMEs. With effective promotion in both international and domestic markets, their members can promote and sell the products more conveniently and quickly.

Most of China local enterprises are facing the problems like capital shortage, RMB appreciation, down-turn of world market, and macro economic control. They try hard to seek a survival way as well as change the business models. However, those with weak competitiveness have to close the business. However the smart business men still have their ways to keep business running. They look for cost effective ways to promote and sell their products.

Easytrade pushing ahead the entiree-marketing servicescurrently.These services seem “give carbon while snowing” to the SMEs and help them to overcome trade cold winter days successfully. On the other hand, want to use these action to tell peoples that prices are no longer expensive forB2B trade of members. E-Commerce acts likes water and electricity in the business live. Whatever you are big or small, you need e-Commerce service. DON’T pay USD 500 for more per year just for a membership of e-Commerce platform. EasyTrade stresses in total solutions of internet marketing including B2B, B2C, website development, and internet marketing.

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