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posted : August 23, 2008 Post subject: Transistion From 6G welder - to Welder/Diver

I'm a certified 6G Pipe welder. Currently im working in the in the Middle East, and I'm thinking about Commercial Diving... Before I came over here, I worked in the Marine Construction Industry out of Tampa Fl for about 5 years. Pyle driving, rigging, tug boats, Friction Cranes, spud barges, dredging, Fabrication and the like. Ive worked 1 on 1 with the diver crews there fabricating things for them, aided in salvage of sunken barges in shipping channels... I'm 25 years old, and work hard.

Recently I have been thinking very seriously about Commercial Diving as a change in direction for my career. I have already been to a trade school before... It was 14 Months long and focused on Mechanics and Custom car building along with fabrication.Engine blueprinting, over haul, electronics, you name it. While there I learned my Welding skills. Proficient in MIG, TIG, and Stick. Mild steel and aluminum. Ive had a few different Certs for welding, but the one that keeps me working is the 6G Pipe.

I know alot about mechanics, diesel and gasoline, along with welding many different medium.

At first glance, this Commercial Diving Option seems very nice... However, once you start to dig a little deeper, it gets a little depressing... Soo many different opinions that people have towards the topic. Ive got money in the bank for the school, no wife and no kids. My goal is to have a job that will allow me to live anywhere in the world. For example, work on a rotation of 28/28 and live in Indonesia while in off.

From what im reading, after finishing school, you are lucky if you can get offshore, and even inshore in the USA (im American by the way) Looking at 10 - 12 bucks an hour. I don't mind paying my dues (again) but for 10 an hour, I would have to live in Cambodia, to be comfortable financially.

The school I'm looking at, you can see here:

Divers Institute of Technology

They seem pretty Legit. their welding Instructor can certify me in Anything I choose, along with all the International Certs that I need to work overseas. So from that school, I can get the commercial diving certs, rigging, hazmat, Re-certify in 6G above water, and get certified "Wet Welder" Under the water. Ill AWS Certs... The School is 30 weeks and about 18,000 USD. I know some people think "Just get the Commertial Diving and your company will certify you in the rest" But I kinda feel that the more legitimate "in pocket" Certs I have in my particular field, the more value I have.

So from the guys in the Biz, and the old hands in the know, what is your no bull***** opinion about what im looking at... What will it take to start offshore? What about the money? I really have no interest in Quitting my job, going to school, then making 12 an hour for 1-2 years.

Thanks in advance,


posted : August 24, 2008 Post subject: Transistion From 6G welder - to Welder/Diver
Anybody? Wrong forum? Just tryin to gather Information.

posted : August 27, 2008 Post subject: Transistion From 6G welder - to Welder/Diver
Try,, Its a forum dedicated to Commercial diving,,,,By the way your qualifications look exactly what the industry is looking for........CHEERS.

posted : August 27, 2008 Post subject: Transistion From 6G welder - to Welder/Diver
People keep sending me that link... I cant get it to work... The Website works, but the forum is empty. Server down? I dont know...

posted : August 28, 2008 Post subject: Transistion From 6G welder - to Welder/Diver
The website is working,make sure you type in a valid e.mail address and password,your user name and password can be different....Took me a few trys before i got logged in. Good Luck.

posted : November 5, 2008 Post subject: Transistion From 6G welder - to Welder/Diver
As you are a Yank try this site,

Should contain all the info you need.

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