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posted : July 27, 2008 Post subject: Plymouth August- free dry dive
Hello Divers,

As part of my research degree at Plymouth University I am currently carrying out Chamber Dives at the DDRC in Plymouth.

At the moment I am looking to recruit qualified divers to take part in dry dives throughout August. These are free of charge; all that it would cost you is your time (around 4hrs) and your transport to the DDRC, Plymouth. I can easily help organise groups of divers from further afield if you are looking to split travel costs. These dives have proved popular for clubs to organise as a social event, as you are given a tour of the facilities and learn about what the DDRC does besides emergency recompressions as well as being a fun day out. Normally the DDRC charge around £140 per person to take part in a dry-dive, as part of a Recompression Chamber Awareness Course but as this study is funded through my research degree it is absolutely free to take part.

[I]What does this research involve?[/I] Qualified divers (any level/organisation) will be given the opportunity to take part in a dry-dive in the large 8 person chamber at the research centre whilst helping me with my studies by carrying out some simple tasks whilst at depth. The aim of my study is to determine if there are any discernible differences between novice and experienced divers, in the way that these tasks are carried out.
Does this all sounds too good to be true?[/I] Well, there is a snag! In order to keep the cost to the DDRC to a minimum (we are a charity after all) the dives are only available on weekdays at a lunchtime dive slot. As you can imagine there is a fair amount of paperwork, mainly form filling and consent agreements, so I ask participants to be at the DDRC for 10am on a dive day and they are free to leave 1 hour after the dive, at around 2-2:30pm. I do understand that will exclude many of you, however it does cost the DDRC a four-figure sum to run the chamber out with normal working hours. I hope that this does not put too many people off as this research relies upon the goodwill of divers in order to further this research into the sport, for the benefit and safety of all divers.

[B]At the moment I am recruiting for August and would simply like to know which weekday dates would suit individual divers, or clubs/groups. What would be ideal is if you could respond stating: ‘I can do any Thursday……I’m free the week of the 11th …… I can do any day in August…etc’. This way I can collect all the possible dates and try to fill the chamber from there.
If you have any questions or queries, then I can be contacted at either:
[EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] or through my research website at [url=][/url] (here you can also take part in a web questionnaire relevant to diving

Thanks so much for your time, I really appreciate that it is difficult to give up your free time to help out with this study but you do get to enjoy the unique experience of a dry chamber dive,
Kind Regards

Graham Samson



[COLOR="Red"]Current study:[/COLOR] divers questionnaire [URL=""]click here[/URL]

posted : August 5, 2008 Post subject: Plymouth August- free dry dive
Hello All,

Just to update you on the DDRC research dives.

Firstly thanks to all that have responded to these, myself and the DDRC team are very grateful, this research couldn't progress without divers volunteering to help us out. I know it's only a few hours of your time, but it is really appreciated.

So, just to keep you informed of the dates that are [B]now booked [/B]with divers:

[U]Week 2[/U]
Thursday 14th
Friday 15th

[U]Week 3[/U]
Tuesday 19th
Wednesday 20th (for planned chamber downtime)
Thursday 21st
Friday 22nd (unavailable)

[U]Week 4[/U]
Wednesday 27th
Friday 29th

All other dates are available at the moment;

There are limited spaces for the following dates: Mon 18th, Tues 26th. I am keen to book a few divers in here to fill seats.

Although this looks like a lot of full dates, unfortunately sometimes divers don't turn up, so if there is a date above which is your only available day, let me know.

Also if you want a free deep chamber experience, have a look at what the DDRC do other than squashing bubbles, get in touch with [B]ALL[/B] your available days and I shall attempt to slot you in where there are still spaces.

If you'd like any more info or have any queries/questions just reply here or, either email me at my ddrc email address or through the [URL=""][/URL] website.

Thanks for the interest, and support



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