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posted : July 25, 2008 Post subject: UK Dive laws in Marinas
Hi all

My friend has asked me as a diver to clean the hull while the boat is in the Harbour/Marina but the harbour master ( who charges for a boat liftout) has said I cannot due to strict Uk laws and only registered diving companies can do this work and if any diver enters the harbour without the masters permission they are liable for a fine of 1000.

Can anyone shed any light on these "Laws" or are they just fobbing us off so we have to pay for the haul out?

Many Thanks.

ADM Diving
posted : July 25, 2008 Post subject: UK Dive laws in Marinas
Harbour Master is right...

The UK has a set of regulations which govern work related diving projects - even if you don't get paid, benefits in kind still count.

On the Q&A forum I answered a similar question to this asking about Health & Safety issues...

If you can't find it then repost to this thread and i'll cut n paste in here.

Essentially if things went pear shaped for whatever reason all hell would let loose with insurance companies, MCA, Harbour Master (& council), HSE and the police.

Sounds like i'm being mean but don't this is a commerical diving project and requires someone with a HSE diving qualification and necessary support team to do the work. Subject to risk assessment this is likely to require HSE Scuba and a tightly defined project plan and strong controlls/lockouts on potentially leathal (accidental) application of power to the propellers etc etc

I'm sure you have the skills in straight diving, i'm sure you will look at the above as unnecessary or overkill - it isn't all of these extra skills and extra kit (like u/water comms to the surface) are all there to prevent accidents and make this work safe.

hope this helps, Andrew (ADM Diving) See Q&A Forum.

posted : July 25, 2008 Post subject: UK Dive laws in Marinas
if you're getting paid then it falls under commercial work and therefore HSE etc etc. now, i suspect you're doing this as a favour, which brings the 2nd thing into question.
the marina will be private property and as such, they can presumably create their own rules re diving etc. again, it'll be more to do with health and safety rather than turning a buck over for a lift as they will allow bona fide commie companies to do the work..

there is however, nothing stopping you from taking the boat out of the marina and doing whatever you intend to do / look for that object that fell over board / find that lost mooring etc ;-) elsewhere.

not rooted in law, just my opinion.

posted : July 25, 2008 Post subject: UK Dive laws in Marinas
beat me to it andrew!

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