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posted : July 8, 2008 Post subject: what cylinder
i only need a cylinder and weights now to have a complete kit but am confused when i go shopping online i know i want 12l but they also mention bar pressure and do i get a tall or short one how do i decide my regs are a din connection any advice will be appreciated as i dont want to buy something unsuitable

posted : July 9, 2008 Post subject: what cylinder
what training, if any have you had?

on first seeing a question such as this, it would appear that you know very little about diving equipment as all of the above should be covered in either basic training or the actual diving involved in the qualification process.

to try to answer your question, despite how much the question actually scares me, have a butchers on wikipedia. failing that, get down to your LDS and ask there, taking your regs with you.

posted : July 10, 2008 Post subject: what cylinder
sorry was there an answer there somewhere

Tony J
posted : July 10, 2008 Post subject: what cylinder

Most single 12 L cylinders are 232 bar and come in normal or 'dumpy' sized. The best make I have come across is Faber with MDE valves in them.

As for your regs if they screw into the cylinder valve they are DIN but if they have an A clamp/yoke system they they are 'normal'.

Hope that helps

posted : July 17, 2008 Post subject: what cylinder
cheers have just ordered one will be diving in a week, a few practice runs at swanage pier me thinks first.might hunt round for my old open water manual too.

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