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posted : June 16, 2008 Post subject: Reg service - annual or hours?
Is there a generally accepted view on the number of hours that a reg can be in use before servicing is required, after all aero engines are managed in this way. One of my stage regs might get only 2 hrs use in a year so does it really need servicing anually? I appreciate that the rubber parts can perish depending on storage conditions but just wanted to get a general feeling for the topic. ta.

posted : June 18, 2008 Post subject: Reg service - annual or hours?
it really is up to the individual. the less use a reg gets, generally the more often it'll need to be serviced as unless it's thoroughly cleaned after the last use, the salty stuff builds up and does more damage. in constant use this doesn't happen quite so quickly. if my regs have been sat for a few months then they'll get a cursory look over and check out before hitting the briney.

my old apeks tx50 didn't get shop serviced for 10 years. i'd do a basic strip, rebuild and tune myself - 2nd stage is easy enough to do - replacing bits as required (none ever needed doing). first stage would get a cursory inspection / regrease of the non-strip-down o-rings etc.

some people will be reeling at the above, but my philosophy is that if it f*cked up whilst on a liveaboard somewhere i'd at least have an idea of how to resolve it or at the very least be able to butcher another reg for parts.

my poseidons are the same. 2nd stages are dead easy to service and tune.

so, if you go by manufacturers recommendations then you'll get them done annually regardless, but ultimately, it's your life on the line so go with what you're comfortable with.

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