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posted : April 30, 2008 Post subject: unsent cert contact details
hi all
just joined and already have a question, me and my son recently completed our ow and then our aow the following week....4 weeks later he gets both his cards but i only get the ow
is there anybody i can contact to see if it was sent or is it just tough an i will just have to buy another.
on the my padi web it says current level aow so no probs there

posted : April 30, 2008 Post subject: unsent cert contact details
Just did my AOW in Tobago a couple of weeks ago. I was told that if my registration did not arrive within a "few" months to get in touch with the centre to chase it through. My PADI has not been updated yet. The temporary certificate I received when I finished the course was valid for 90 days. So I plan to give it 91 days before chasing! My OW last year also took a while.



posted : May 17, 2008 Post subject: unsent cert contact details
I have done my dry suit and my aow in the last few months, Both cards only took a few weeks


posted : July 2, 2009 Post subject: unsent cert contact details
When you complete any PADI course you should complete either a PIC online, which would be printed and signed by you there and then, or a physical PIC form, (blue for most courses, pink for EFR). You would fill this form out and provide a passport photo, then be given a small temporary cert card. if you did this, then your certification should be processed. As the PIC card is already paid for by the dive school there is no additional cost to the dive school other than the stamp to post it to process you. It is then highly unlikely that if you have filled out all these parts, that you should not get your permanent card, unless it got lost in the post. Which is why i photo copy all completed PICs as proof of certification should one go missing.

Your temp card will say valid for 90 days, the normal time to process and send out a permanent card. If after 90 days you have not received your cert card then the best thing to do is contact your instructor and they should chase it up with PADI.

posted : August 6, 2009 Post subject: unsent cert contact details
Hi all, i have been waiting for my PADI SOCIETY membership card and my new cert card to show up. Ive spoken to Simon Chance at Padi here in the Uk, and he has informed me that the team are running a touch behind.
What normally took a few weeks is unfortunately taking about 4-6 weeks.
He checked my creds and it showed that it was entered, therfore i show in the PADI register with my new cert.

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