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jak webster
posted : April 22, 2008 Post subject: Were to go??
Hellow people,

You probly get this question all the time but could any tell me where is a good holiday to go with good visability underwater and alot of fish except the red sea lol,

cheers , jak

posted : May 15, 2008 Post subject: Were to go??
I can assist you by providing a link to a website which provides a to z information about the tourist places all over the world and also gives an account of all the adventurous sports like skiing, scuba diving, kiteboarding, mountain biking etc. It gives you the information about the seas around the word. Apart from these their services include booking assistance and hotel accommodation etc. And here is the link...

two divers
posted : May 20, 2008 Post subject: Were to go??
Hi Jak, we have just got back from Malta. Were there with a company of friends and had a really enjoyable time. I would definitely recomend diving in Malta to all my friends.

The visibility was all the time about 30 to 40 meters. We were lucky to see schools of barracuda, groupers, silver bream, an octopus and even a sea horse at 20 meters only!!

Another facinating thing is, that most of the wrecks one can reach from shore, that has definitely saved us good money to spend on beer)).


posted : May 20, 2008 Post subject: Were to go??
hi jak ... am new to this forum but couldnt resist your request for dive location suggestions ... have you considered mexico ... particularly Cozumel ... right now prices are low because of the sinking dollar and it fits the bill for your other requirements ... great vis and definately lots of fish ...

I would also add there is an abundance of dive shops ... shore diving even ... friendly people and warm waters around this time of year too. your av two tank dive is going to set you back around 75 usd 35/40ukp

fwiw ...If anyone wants info re Cozumel ... diving or non diving ... please do contact me and i will try to respond we have a holiday place there and i am there a lot myself so i can answer most questions that you might throw at me.


posted : May 23, 2008 Post subject: Were to go??

found this site the other day, gives forecasts on visibility for places all over the place.

hope its useful.

posted : January 26, 2009 Post subject: Were to go??
Hi Jak,

Of course red sea is great... I would always go there for the corals and fishes.

I also loved diving in Turkey - Kusadasi. It was a great surprise for me to discover the underwater gorgeous landscapes with VERY good visibility and friendly fishes :-) The place is worth diving there and the staff in Active Blue Diving Centre will provide u with all u need for a great time diving.
Here it is the link you can find them:

Have fun!

posted : January 31, 2009 Post subject: Were to go??
I take a school trip to Egypt each year and if you want an cheap, convienent holiday with excellent diving Sharm is pretty good. There is plent of variety with reefs, wrecks, etc. We use Explorers who have been excellent considering the amount we have to mess them about with people being added or dropping out at the last minute. We use their Ocean College at the Ocean Bay. The hotel is basic but the dive centre is very well run and the staff were brilliant. There is no way we could take a risk with students and diving as the press would be all over us so that quite a recommendation of the Ocean College. The night life is good but don't expect too much culture.

posted : February 16, 2009 Post subject: Were to go??
Try looking at somewhere in SE Asia. The Similan Islands or Koh Tao off the coast of Thailand. Borneo is amazing also. Everybody has to dive Sipadan at least once. Incredible!

Fiji is awesome too. I recently did a shark dive off the main island. 4 metre bullsharks, no cage. And well, its Fiji!

posted : February 24, 2009 Post subject: Were to go??
Hi, have you traveled to Bunaken, Bangka, or Lembeh Straits in North Sulawesi (Indonesia), for easy reference plese visit, cheers, Black

posted : February 24, 2009 Post subject: Were to go??
Hi, have you tried to dive Bunaken, Raja Ampat, and wakatobi Island pls vist our web bye Black

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