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posted : April 14, 2008 Post subject: Qualifications Needed

I will be leaving sixth form in July and am wondering if there are any basic qualifications which you need to be accepted onto a commercial diving course. (gcse's A-levels) I am hoping to do a course in construction diving in fort William.

Thanks for all your help!!!

jak webster
posted : April 15, 2008 Post subject: Qualifications Needed

am 17 and am doing the course at fort william. You dont need any qaulifactions for commercial diving

posted : April 19, 2008 Post subject: Qualifications Needed
Hi pal.
Ive been sport diving for over 10years, Done a few sport dives over at fort bill in the past. Im off to the pda later this year to do my commercial course.
No you dont need qualifications but stick in at school and get as much as you can it will help you on the way.
good luck on course.

posted : April 19, 2008 Post subject: Qualifications Needed
Jak is correct you do not need any qualifications to do a Commercial course.

However lads I seriously think you should do a little research about the industry you want to be involved in. What do you think a company will be paying you to do? It certaintly wont be to just swim around have a laugh and blow bubbles.

The dive ticket is your way to get t the work site, what are you able to do when you get there?

Jak what will you be offering a company when you finish the course? not a lot really as a 17 year old who has just left school. The only thing you will have to offer is the fact you can jump in the water. The other guys on the job also dont want to be baby sitting a young guy.

Commercial Diving is a not a laugh, its very hard work and a serious game, where mistakes can be fatal, jak and others do not think you do the course and are a full blown deep sea diver as you aint, your background is very important.

Any thing to do with Mechanics, construction is a big plus. Also basic things like having a car to enable you to get to the jobs in the first place.

Jak I would seriously re-consider doing the course at your age as to be honest you are in for a lot of disapointment. You would be far better off joining the Navy and doing the course for free, doing a few years and when you are a little older going commercial at least then you will stand a chance of making a go of it.

Its up to you if you believe me or not but its not just about doing a course.

posted : April 19, 2008 Post subject: Qualifications Needed
well said sea dweller
like i said in my 1st post ive been sport diving for 10 years. but in this game just means that im happy in the water. ive worked on land constraction sites over the years and in commercial diving (none diving). so in my case i am going into this with my eyes open and have done a lot of rescarch to with school to go with.
im 29 but if i was 16-17 years old like sea dweller said i would look into the navy.

jak webster
posted : April 21, 2008 Post subject: Qualifications Needed
Ana what you mean dweller i believe every thing your saying. I was going to go in the navy and dive for the experience but i have problem with my back. I done all the research, and i have had fam dive at fort william.

I know what you mean by diving is only how you get down to the job site. But there is plenty time to learn and get the experience.

I spoke to a lad there and he started hiscourse at 16 and he got his first job at 17 and he was doing his sat course when i was talking to him so hope fully there will be work.

Thanks alot lads,

posted : April 22, 2008 Post subject: Qualifications Needed
More than lightly he had family/friends in the business. A 20 year old sat diver is not the norm!!

You have probs with your back? I would get this sorted first, you will be expected to lift heavy stuff on a daily basis, its not just about diving. Like I have said its very hard work, not all glamour, remember this is a physical job.

I hope I am wrong and you are successfull, good luck on your course you will enjoy it.

jak webster
posted : April 22, 2008 Post subject: Qualifications Needed
Well isnt a sat diver yet he is doing his course. I been to see people about my back and it said it should grow out before i am 20 so thats ok.

thanks alot for your help mate. hopefully i will get somewere lol. am going to speak to a director of a diving construction today near me so a get more of an idea.

cheers mate,

posted : April 22, 2008 Post subject: Qualifications Needed
I've been reading these threads with interest over the past few weeks.

Like Jak, i'm starting my Commercial Air diving course shortly. I'm an experienced sports diver, but in the grand scheme of things and like some of the experienced commies have alluded to, being able to jump in and get wet with a yellow bin on your head isn't enough to give you a decent skill set, however with time and perserverance this is definately achievable, if it wasn't nobody would ever get a new job.

I'm currently a serving soldier with 10 years experience and don't have a construction, hydraulic or mechanical background. However, i decided several years ago now, that being a commie is what i wanted to do for a career. So i drew myself out a plan:

1. Start saving for the course.
2. Research the Job and it's disciplines.
3. Identify training requirements (Sports diving, General Gas Laws, Daltons-Boyles-Charles-Henry's to name a few law's, Rope and Knot work, General tool skills... To name but a few)
4. Consider continuation courses (Which will enhance you're skill set).
5. Employment prospects (Uk civils, offshore and abroad).

As i discovered years ago, commie diving is going to be tough and you've got be robust enough to take the rough with the smooth. I've been told (by several civils companies) the average baby diver in civils will earn upto 90 per day if we're lucky, maybe diving 2 to 3 days a week. So it's going to be tough for the first few years, not only finanacially but in trying to convince an experienced Supervisor that your worth your salt and is worth a shot at a job.

I'm not trying to talk down to you Jak, but i've done my homework on this and i'm pretty sure what i'm letting myself for and i know it's going to be tough and i'm fortunate to have a background which has prepared me for SOME of the riggours ahead. If i was 17 again, i'd go down the construction and mechanical route, save some cash and go into the Diving when your and experienced worker. I dare say the diving contractors would damn bite your hand off with experience like that...



posted : April 22, 2008 Post subject: Qualifications Needed
Hey mate,

Being an ex squaddie will help you out no end believe me, 90% of the guys in the industry are ex forces, you will be able to intergrate in to the teams no prob and are used to rough conditions. This where your background becomes important, you have to have something to offer, you cant teach a bloke to fit in and diving is the sort of game if your face dont fit and you aint used to banter you will be stuffed

I take it you are doing the course as your restttlement? A quick tip, as you are able to use ELC as well, use your resettlement grant for the part 4 and 3 and make a seperate claim for the top up using your ELC credit. As really the whole course is really 3 seperate course/modules.

You dont have to have a full on Mechanical background but have to offer the dive firms something, if all you are offering is that you have a dive ticket you will find it hard going.

posted : April 22, 2008 Post subject: Qualifications Needed
Oh and if some one offers you 90 quid a day tell them to get stuffed as that is well below the standard, min should be 125 for 10 hours below that and you are being ripped off.

Take care.

posted : April 22, 2008 Post subject: Qualifications Needed
Phil register on

There is not much usefull info here and there aint even a PM system. The only dive work advertised is crap fish farm and scallop diving work which will get you no where. Dont do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted : April 22, 2008 Post subject: Qualifications Needed
Yeah mate thats right, i'm using my resettlement grants for 4 & 3 and ELC for 1, which seeing as the ELC has just matured to 2k, then i'm pretty lucky....

I was a bit weary of, i read a few threads on there and it all seemed a little one sided with a few, not all the guys putting out some seriously negative vibes... Diving has had it's day apparently????

In terms of what i can offer, i'm a comms operator by trade, but have and can get my round most mechanical tasks, know how to through a spanner and wrench around, i've done a bit cutting and welding on some basic vehicle maintence courses and generally pick things up as quickly as the next guy.

I'm thinking about doing a few courses to feather my cap, as it where. My thought on it is... The 2 schools up in scotland are churning 30 divers between per month (roughly), into an already competetive job sector. So to ensure i get a break i'm thinking of doing a continutation course... I've got a couple of ideas of some reasonable and practical courses, but what do you think is worth doing??



jak webster
posted : April 23, 2008 Post subject: Qualifications Needed
I have done alot of research on the industry, i have been to talk to a few people in the civil side and everything and like you and dweller said its the experience i need. but since beeing my age a could have more chance to get the experience and one person a spoke to said knowing some on in the buisness can be alot helpfull.

I am doing a welding course and construction couse at collage for a few months to get a bit used to things.

Ana it will be hard but am willling to but %100 into it. hopefully al get somewere

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