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jak webster
posted : April 10, 2008 Post subject: Diving work
hi, a wonder if any one can help me? i am 17 years old and i am doing the premium course at fort william. a just wanted to know if i finish the course would i be able to get a job at my age? and if so what type of jobs is done onshore and what is the pay?
thanks alot, jak

posted : April 19, 2008 Post subject: Diving work
I take it your parents are paying for your course?

The fact is you probably wont get a job at your age, harse but true.

Good luck on your course though.

jak webster
posted : April 21, 2008 Post subject: Diving work
well a got left money from my grandad if it mattas a thort a would do something i would enjoy as a job which is different to a normal days work.

A spoke to a lad at fort william when i went to do a fam dive and he was telling me how he started his course at 16 and he got his first job at 17 and he was doing his sat course when i was talking to him, at 20. so hope fully there will be work or anythin which will give me experience.

posted : April 23, 2008 Post subject: Diving work
hi jak,
When you starting your course at fort will?? I am booked on that con package starts 26th may, I had to save the 10grand ha killed me but I got there!! I carnt work this site out seems to be older divers mainly whom maybe don't like younger lads getting or trying to get into the game?? There are other sites and they are the same I've found but I have friends in diving now doing beta then office or other trade jobs so I say go for it if your not booked get booked everyone knows us have to start from bottom and learn the game a just hope one day I am not the older guy trying to put someone off diving!!!! Ha good luck mate.

jak webster
posted : April 23, 2008 Post subject: Diving work
hellow mate,

I am doing it on 1sr september mate cant wait like. Ana there is alot of hype but being so young you can get good experience in that time. Some one i know said if i wanted to go offshore better off doing it abroad to get the experience and learn alot instead of jumping into the deepend trying to go strait into the north sea as if you mess up once ya out lol if ya get is. good look with your course mate hope it all goes well?

posted : April 23, 2008 Post subject: Diving work
Cheers mate al let you know how it goes up there on here!! And where you from?? Newcastle?? With you saying ana?? LOL.

jak webster
posted : April 24, 2008 Post subject: Diving work
yea. the town. i well keep in touch mate let is na whats the crak is at the end. jak

posted : April 24, 2008 Post subject: Diving work
from there aswell north shields, a will do mate

Young Gun
posted : June 20, 2008 Post subject: Diving work
aright lads, am from northshields aswell, passed my course at fort william in may. my number is 07738168503 if u wanna ring me and talk. names brian. cheers.

posted : June 24, 2008 Post subject: Diving work
just about to start my course in fort william. any suggestions for kit to take apart from waterproofs !!!

posted : December 20, 2009 Post subject: Diving work
Ha did bob tell you about the waterproofs,

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