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posted : April 6, 2008 Post subject: Job availiability
Good day to all of you. I'm Solomon Tan and I live in Singapore. I just picked up recreational diver and fall in love with it. Currently I'm thinking of joining the commercial diving industry to work and earn some decent money. Of course, money isn't the main motivation, but the interest to dive.
I just want to find out from the seniors here about the job availabilities as a commercial diver. Let's say as a newbie commercial diver who just finished the dive course in schools. How much work are there for these newbies?

posted : April 19, 2008 Post subject: Job availiability
Hey Sol,
Sing is a good place to live if you want to be a diver, you have s##t loads of firms there and lots of major players in the game. ie some of the biggest in the world, caldive, mcdermotts ,Global, Hallin

A lot off them are at Loyang

Go on to a site called:
they have lots of comapanies listed there, also a great place to gather info on Commercil diving. Try giving Core IRM and Master Tech a ring, tell them you are going to do a dive course and you are a local can they offer you advise on the work situation.

The may even offer you a job before your course(non diving of course!)

You are doing the right thing by asking questions before booking the course. I am sure if you are a good guy and being a local in Singapore you will never be short of work.

Oh and the rates are pretty good!!

Good luck.

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