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posted : March 21, 2008 Post subject: Facts&Figures
I need some information about commercial diving like how many divers and diving companies in the world, how big commercial diving market in dollars(how much money spent to diving companies). If you know source of this kind of research, please give me the link.

thanks in advance.

posted : March 28, 2008 Post subject: Facts&Figures
Hi matey, theres alot of diving companies out their but i'll be honest with you alot of the companies are using new baby divers pay them 50 perday then get shut and do the same to all new divers from dive school. I'd deff concider a diving career it is hard out their to get yourself know but if you do then you will be fine. good luck.

posted : April 1, 2008 Post subject: Facts&Figures
You are talking absolute crap pal, I dont know any working divers on rates like, nor do I know anyone who would work for rates like that.

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