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posted : January 5, 2008 Post subject: diving facts
can somebody help me with these questions????

The things that I would like to know are:
Are there any laws or political factors that are affecting the diving market? What are they or where can I find them?
How is the economy affecting the Diving market?
Which people are mostly going to dive( social grade, gender, family stage, religion, race)
From which region are your customers tending to come?
What is your target group.
Are the population changes, demographic trends, livestyles changes affecting your market? And how do feel that in the company?
The technological environment has changed, how did you improve that in your company and how did it affect you?
Is the rival between diving centres in the UK high, how does it affect you and what do you do about it?
Who are your substitutes and is there any indirect competition?
And what kind of market is the Diving market?
Does there exist a diving magazine?
Is the Target group making use of package offers?
What is the user rate of the target group?
Is diving a one time activity or are your customers tending to come back after one time.
And what is there loyalty status?

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