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posted : November 16, 2007 Post subject: Help
I need cold hard facts, no fluff. I'm 31 years old. Am I too old to start a successful career as an inshore commercial diver? I'm getting conflicting views. Some are saying I'm not too old (mostly from training schools) and others are saying that companies prefer to hire divers in their 20's and at 31 I should be getting out of the water. Level with me please.

posted : November 30, 2007 Post subject: Help
Hi - I'm no expert but I would have thought that it depends on the individual - It's interesting that manyHimalayan climbers come into their own in their 30's and above and you dont get much more demanding than that - either physically or psychologically!

Essex D

posted : December 1, 2007 Post subject: Help
I'm 37 years old and up untill 13 months ago ide never even tried diving. i now work as a commercial diver and must have over a thosand dives. if you want to do it ofcourse your not too old but trust me its cold, wet, windy and doesnt pay enough.

posted : December 1, 2007 Post subject: Help
and one more thing i work with five other divers and we all smoke too much drink too much and never execise so dont worry too much about fitness you cant be worse than us i promise

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