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posted : October 3, 2007 Post subject: golf ball diver
hi i am looking for a diver who goes and collects golf balls from lakes to sell them to me direct so i can use them myself and sell on any not required - how do i contact this kind of diver

thanks for your help

posted : October 4, 2007 Post subject: golf ball diver
not so sure it's quite that simple. if a diver is doing it officially - ie with the permission of the golf club, then i'd presume the diving would come under HSE regs and therefore be classed as a commercial prospect.
if the diver is doing it unofficially, then they'll more than likely be trespassing on private property.
i dare say there are divers out there that could help, but i'd be surprised if they were to publicly advertise the fact.

that's the gauntlet laid down, so expect a load more replies of "yeah, i do that" ;-)

ADM Diving
posted : November 19, 2007 Post subject: golf ball diver
Devilgas is correct this is indeed a puckker HSE Scuba (the old Part IV) commercial diving job.

He is right to point out the penalty should this go wrong will make a serious dent in the golfing club funds not least any criminal charges which may ensue... Technical forum has a HSE question i answered very early on with all the references to the various codes of practices etc etc...

Oh and the same goes for all those who repair boats (although diving in a canal requires special care due to the cleanliness of the water / biohazard), same HSE Scuba Qualification for swimming pools etc etc

Most golfing lakes are muddy and very low vis with all sorts of hazards. My website has a link at the bottom to a very good commericial diving firm who can help with golf ball recovery and other such commerical diving jobs...

cheers Andrew

posted : October 6, 2008 Post subject: golf ball diver
Thanks for that - will have to maybe try a different way of sourcing golf balls - maybe through the golf clubs who maybe the divers give the golf balls too - not sure but thanks again

posted : October 11, 2008 Post subject: golf ball diver
A diver to collect golf balls :)

john haskell
posted : November 16, 2008 Post subject: golf ball diver
if the diver was doing it for f'ree' surely its ok then?

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