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posted : September 29, 2007 Post subject: Service
We've just experienced our first regulator service quotation, after spending over 2,500 on equipment over the last year or so our Regulators have decided its time to be serviced (thanks to the B-W-R-A-F check there was a quiet leak in both reg's !!) we've been quoted 65 +/- a few quid (1st & 2nd stage & Octopus), apparently its all gone green and oxided inside, due crack on time I suppose, my question is is this a decent price to pay, or is there somewhere i can get a better or cheaper service, I Live in Leicester and Stoney Cove have quoted 65, its 1st quote and anyone that knows anywhere else would be much appreciated..

Any suggestions is appreciated

posted : October 1, 2007 Post subject: Service
Depends on the regs.

I know some people who spen upwards of 80 for a service on poseidons, but 65 +/- doesn't seem too bad.

posted : October 1, 2007 Post subject: Service
i had our apeks regs serviced for the first time in 10 years (i'll maintain the 2nd stages myself) at the start of the year. cost was about 70 each iirc.
i know there's someone who does postal servicing on ebay (can't remember costs), but up to you if you want to be able to walk in somewhere and bitch about the reg when it freeflows after the service ;-)

the price you've been quoted is what i'd expect to pay for a thorough service and clean.

oxidation - make sure you rinse the regs well after using in saltwater. leave the reg pressurised, place in freshwater and operate all controls to remove salt deposits. give the reg a good shake underwater. cover the mouthpiece and press the purge button. this will clear salt from the exhaust valve.
if the reg is not pressurised, do NOT press the purge button whilst it's underwater as you'll get water flowing into the hose and consequently the first stage.

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