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posted : September 28, 2007 Post subject: Navy Diver
Last week i passed my fitness test for the Royal navy entering in as a Mine Clearance diver, the next stage is the diving aquaint, has any body done this, whats it involve? how many people go on it at a time? does anyone know what times of year they do it, i cant get any of this info out of my AFCO, theyve told me its a waiting game now to arrange it.


posted : September 30, 2007 Post subject: Navy Diver
In 1974, it was a two day aquaint for ships (t-bags) divers. That included stinking mud-runs, sitting at the bottom of a shot-line with a four pppppound hhhhammer, a chisel and a lump of chain....guess what the task was . Numerous jack-stay swims in the pond at Horsea Island, two mile runs first thing in the morning, speed dress. (Avon Dry-bags) and one of the best piss-ups I have ever had at the end of it. Might have changed now though!!

posted : July 1, 2008 Post subject: Navy Diver
I have done it a few times, you will be with a group of about 10. you will have to run a mile and a half in under 10 mins, ideally 9mins. To impress the staff around 8mins 30. take my word for it you better be quick! or scouse will have your balls! ha ha.
anyway after you will do around 15 chin ups and 15 dips in the gym, you will fail instantly if you are not strong enough. you must be super fit. you must work as a team and encourage each other.
you will do lots of platform jumps and running circuits which are great fun,
and the mud run is brilliant! but remember it is a strict enviroment so dont be seen messing about. its good fun but really really hard work!!! what you want is "good" on your pre diver aquaint certificate. looking back I would love to do it all again its great!

posted : January 16, 2009 Post subject: Navy Diver
Does anyone have any information on the royal navy's stance on osgood schlatters disease? I am considering signing up for the mine clearance divers and would like to know if it is considered as an automatic exemption?

posted : February 4, 2009 Post subject: Navy Diver
The RN says it does not descriminate but it does dont tell any thing other than you are A1 fit. As Muff says thay just try and knock it down to around 10 lads on course i was on ECD10 jan 1974 D139871L started with 24 6 finished course some sadistic bastards in them days leaky dry bags Just make suer your fitt and never giv up

posted : February 8, 2009 Post subject: Navy Diver
hi i am curently a leading diver and have been a cd for 9 years not to sure how they run aptitudes now but the divers fitness test will be there 8 pull ups 16 dips 40 sit ups in 2 min mile and 1/2 run as a squad (15min) followed by the same again in under 10.30min, all of these are a minimum and the better you do will keep some of the heat off you from the staff, as some of the others have said you will be thrashed around abit cold, wet, muddy and tired the whole aim is to weed out the people who just want the tital from the ones who realy want to be there, good luck i know its a good time to join at the moment as the branch is going thro a lot of changes, as such they need lots of people

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