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posted : September 12, 2007 Post subject: Hi - Im a new diver, advice needed?
Hi, I did the SSI OW course back in May in Thailand. Now back in the UK I would really like to get some practice under my belt but the thought of UK diving scares me, more to do with my lack of experience than the cold. What kind of diving can i do now in the UK? I would just like to do some fun dives, maybe wreck dives but all of the trips ive seen need more experience. Can anyone recommend a scuba school?(I'm London based) Also, do people dive in the UK in winter?

posted : September 13, 2007 Post subject: Hi - Im a new diver, advice needed?
There are lots of dives out there for novices, the inland dive sites like stoney cove and there are sea dives above 18 metres, the magazine sport diver generally has a monthly feature on these dives, people do dive in the UK no matter what the season or the weather but the ones that do so most definately own a dry suit. For dry suit diving you would have to take a further course. In this country the visibility in the water can be from zero where you can't see your hand in front of your face up to 15-20 metres at best, so I can understand your concerns. A lot of people say if you can dive here you can dive anywhere and I will admit that diving in poor visiblity makes you learn valuable lessons very quickly indeed and makes a good diver of those who cope well with it. Cold water diving isn't for everyone but you'll never find out if you don't get in there and give it go. I don't know where about in London you are from but I bet if you do a search on the net for local dive shops i'm sure you'll find one within 10 miles or so. If you have any further questions that you feel I might be able to help you with get back to me at

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