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posted : September 9, 2007 Post subject: 14 Month Ear Infection cleared
After 14 Months of a severe ear infection i finally found something that works.

I started diving 2 years ago and last year got a mild Ear infection that went out of controll, several trips to the docs and it was the same perscription, over and over again.

I tired all the swim ear, Therapy candels, anti-biotics, penacillin, ear drops the lot, and just by accident i found something that really helped (after months of research & reading etc), and within 1/2 hour of using this solution the symptoms vanished and 12 hours the infection vanished completely.

I used Chamoomile Roman Water (Julia Lawless Aqua Oleum - Flower Water), in exactly the same way as Swim Ear soultion, (had to use a kids medicine syringe to gently inject it into my ears - approx 2.5ml).. so what is so special about this solution ..?

we'll... if you ask any aroma-therapist its a solution thats used to clean, kill and clean skin surface bacteria (Ezema, impertigo etc - excuse the spelling), Its a solution using 100% pure Chamomile Roman in distilled water.

The thin wall inside the ear goes flakey allowing microscopic bugs to get in, the camomile water "cools" this down and cleans it at the same time, the sensation is wierd, best to keep your head up right for a few minutes then tilt your head sidewards to let the solution come out on its own, dont use cutton buds as this irritates and causes un-necessary swelling inside the ears.

I'm no doctor by any means, but when you get desperate, you do anything to remove the problem.
I'm hoping this now works every time, and i'll use this instead of the swim ear soultion, and it's massively cheaper than swim ear - approx 12.00 for 1L + Delivery,
it is there under the product range.

If anyone has used anything similiar i would like to hear from you.

posted : September 11, 2007 Post subject: 14 Month Ear Infection cleared
good post steve! glad it worked. question is, where'd you get it from?

posted : September 22, 2007 Post subject: 14 Month Ear Infection cleared
Hi after reading your posting I whent on the net to find the product, eventualy I found Chamomile Roman Floral water sold at I have used it today (my ears have been a bit of a problem from time to time it works in a very short time just as you say, you can buy it in small and large packs with the same postage I got the one lL recomended

posted : September 24, 2007 Post subject: 14 Month Ear Infection cleared
cheers paul.

posted : September 29, 2007 Post subject: 14 Month Ear Infection cleared
yeah just make sure you dont "force" it into your ears, use it in the eaxctly the same way as you do swim-ear, anyone thats tried the water please let me know, i'm dying for some feedback

posted : October 3, 2007 Post subject: 14 Month Ear Infection cleared
good point, just use a dropper from chemist and let it find its own way in. a little massarge at the back of the ear helps. i'v used it twice now works well and is not agreasive like some ear drops

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