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posted : September 4, 2007 Post subject: Good Travel Insurance
Hi everyone, im going to Sharm next week and want some good travel insurance which includes Dive cover down to 30m plus loss of equipment.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

posted : September 6, 2007 Post subject: Good Travel Insurance
Have you tried your bank??? They sometimes give free insurance. Im with the HBOS and i get free travel insurance with my current account

posted : September 9, 2007 Post subject: Good Travel Insurance
Watch the bank Free insurance, I made that mistake.

And done it again with an holiday i've booked for next year in Cuba

Insurances will normally cover you up to 18Meters, beyond that they wont cover, I've got the exact same problem as you have, we got free insuance (after haggiling) with our holiday and they assured us everything was covered, but when i read the print properly it didnt cover much at all, there we're also exceptions that if an accident occured on a boat we would be liable for air transportation costs, and we would have to pay the extra premium to go deaper, but as we went thru an Holiday Agent the cover would have to be re-written through them again, work that out !

If you do struggle wait till you get out to sharm, as a lot of the schools or Tour guides you go with do offer a temporary insurance to your qualified depth.

We've looked into DAN Insuarnce, not sure weather or not to take that one, keep us updated when you get one

posted : October 16, 2007 Post subject: Good Travel Insurance
Hi Blanch,

check out their coverage for adventure activities ;-)


Peter Simon
posted : January 13, 2009 Post subject: Good Travel Insurance
Westfield do pretty comprehensive insurance:

posted : January 15, 2009 Post subject: Good Travel Insurance
you need to be careful with travel insurance as a diver, westfield insure to your qualification depth, as a bsac advanced diver, my insurance is to 50mtrs. saves trying to read the small print when you are passed the bill in the pot!!!!

posted : January 15, 2009 Post subject: Good Travel Insurance
I tend to get my insurance from I open up the small print and do ctrl F and search for scuba in the small print. I then phone the insurer to double check and pay over the phone. I got multi-trip year long travel insurance for Worldwide with USA, Diving cover to 30m and good bagage insurance for 2 people for about 50 - I think that's a pretty good deal but glad to hear if someone gets a better deal that I can use!

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