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posted : September 4, 2007 Post subject: Diving as a career

There are so many contradictory statements are coming about commercial diving
Can any one answer me..
1. To select commercial diving school.
2. Certificates which are essential to become a commercial diver.
3. Some advice to get work in this industry.
4. Future of this industry
5. Impartial overview of this industry.

As all the commercial Diving schools are only providing very bright facts & figures which are completely opposite to the threads.
Can some one suggest me name of some book or site, which will answer me my questions.

posted : September 7, 2007 Post subject: Diving as a career
Mate everyone will tell you something different some people slide into the industry no probs, some struggle over the years but eventually get there, and alot give up disillusioned with the whole thing. From my limited knowledge I can tell you that the inshore work is O.K theres always stuff around and with the increase in offshore windfarms the amount of work should remain steady, you,ve just got to be patient, and be ready to travel around, oh and not have a fucking huge morgage or dozens of kids. Offshore has always been the hardest to get into, though saying that I know of a few who get out there pretty quick, trouble is that much of the new exploration is moving into deep water, and the production within air diving range is dropping off, so many people are going almost straight into there Sat course after Top-up, lots of money and still no definite prospects of work.
Look to cut along story short if you really really want to get into diving then do it spend the money take your chance along with all the other guys, if you can stay in there and survive then you obviously have what is needed, if not just write it off and do something else.
As for dive schools go anywhere except the USA ( there tickets arent recognised in the rest of the world) As for getting work, just phone every company up and then do it all over again.
The future of the industry, well just do some research, it shouldnt take too long to get a grasp of whats going on.
Finally go onto, check out what the guys are saying, look at, see what sort of jobs are on there and thats about it.
I've just moved to a new country and have to start from scratch again, fucking great.

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