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posted : August 25, 2007 Post subject: looking for a buddy
Hi im looking for a buddy. I quailified as a padi rescue diver in 96' stopped diving in 99' have now returned with my first dry suit so im very rusty i had a scuba review2 months ago but had kit trouble so havent been in the water since if anyone can help me as my buddy i live near Guildenburgh in cambridgeshire, please help the water is calling me.

posted : September 3, 2007 Post subject: looking for a buddy
After a couple of weeks with no reply i thought i should say that i have been and tried my new dry suit, it was not to bad i still need practice but i cant practice on my own so i am still looking for a buddy. maybe a divemaster who is looking for teaching experience as i am a willing student. i am able to travel within reason. thanks for your time

posted : September 14, 2007 Post subject: looking for a buddy
hi mate, if your ever up for a dive at the cove or dosthill drops an email quals msd trainee dm

posted : September 16, 2007 Post subject: looking for a buddy
Hi Humph
I had given up on anyone answering my plea for help so thanks for your reply and i will give you a shout in the next few weeks, thanks again mate allaodp.

posted : September 17, 2007 Post subject: looking for a buddy
have you tried the "people and clubs" link above?
i'm sure there must be a club or school somewhere close to gilden where you can at least get drysuit training (assuming that wasn't part of the scuba review) and get the kit troubles sorted before you go diving with some, potentially unsuspecting, buddy.

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