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posted : August 21, 2007 Post subject: a good solution for monitering system in diving location
Redbud Star DLP Rear Projection Video Wall
The Redbud star Co., Ltd, specialized in large-screen manufacture, is on the top of large-screen technology. With the characteristics of high stability and low cost, its products such as large-screen video wall (including DLP rear projection, LCD rear projection, LCOS rear projection, liquid crystal video wall, LED video wall ),and image processors(the Redbud Star HY-5000 multi-screen processor), have received many national patents and brought revolutionary impacts to this industry. In the information age, with science and technology developing rapidly, a new generation of high definition(HD) digital large-screen DLP rear projection display walls( DLP rear projection video wall, seamless DLP rear projection large-screen video wall, DLP rear projection video panel) manufactured by the Redbud Star Co., Ltd has become one of the most important media for displaying information. These products are manufactured by applying advanced technology and manufacturing arts in Japan, and the full digital and high-integrated circuit design ensures the stability of the system, which enables them to be used in 110 commanding center, electric power dispatch center, Telecom Network monitoring Center, water control center, etc., where work lasts long and continuously. The application of DMD single-chip DLPTM projection can cater for customers¡¯ requirement of long working hours without interruption. The rear projection system is equipped with original import projection core, original Danish imported DNP rear projection screen, wide-angle lens and high-reflection glass. It has a series of advantages such as high resolution, high brightness, long longevity, bright and clear color, etc. In addition, the use of special containers for seamless splicing endows the whole display wall with high quality, stability, and durability.
The Redbud Star Co., Ltd is confident in its high quality products, so instead of keeping the routine of one-year quality assurance in this industry, it promises customers with 3-year quality assurance without charge, and provides customers with completed system support and perfect after sales services. The other obvious advantage for buying its video walls is that you will enjoy high quality but spend relatively less money, that is to say, its products have high cost performance. To learn more information about it, please click here:
Address : Redbud Star Co., Ltd., No. 18,Anningzhuang Road(East), Haidian district, Beijing, China
Tel: 0086-10-88680848 /2410948
Fax: 0086-10-82417235-863 /82411296

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